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Add Byleth to Character Roster - A Request for Fire Emblem Warriors.

Request Open

This Request is available to take on. You could deliver it and receive the point bounty as a reward for your efforts.

Assist in Adding Byleth to FE Warriors!

Add Byleth as a playable character, for use with Atmosphère CFW, with:

- support for AI control like any other character

- Alternate costumes, taking into account both Byleths

- Character voices and battle comments

- Model, texture, and animation quality at least on par with official characters

Supports between characters in this game are basically just one-liners; only A+ supports actually have support conversations but those aren't necessary unless anyone wants to take it a step further :o -- I don't expect that though.

And a hypothesis for adding a new character might be to add one as a "DLC" like Tharja but this would likely require parsing Tharja's files to understand how the game expects to read character data. Though, I imagine implementing it via such a method would require modding the DLC (and thus making the DLC a requirement) to fit in extra content and making something like a .bps patch for the associated files... an idea but might not ideal given that not everyone has the DLC and and that would mean extra cost on top of the game itself.

Someone reminded me to make a note here about the potential of this request, so I'm going to quote what I said:

"Ideally, this work could eventually result in a (preferably cross-platform) tool that can keep track of these various tasks so that at least some of this can be done without manual effort going forward - leaving more direct tasks like non-default animation support, "supports," audio, and other art tasks to the mod author - making this a potentially much easier kind of effort going forward"


In order to receive the points bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. Model, texturing, and shading (if necessary) quality to be consistently on par with official content
  2. Broken Armor "state" for Byleth - the game has an armor break feature that's unlocked somewhere in History Mode
  3. UI Sprite(s) for menus and Support Conversation Portrait(s)* - (Portrait also to be used with shop menus because the game randomizes characters that appear)
  4. Byleth as a playable character
  5. Byleth controllable by at least the ally AI
  6. Costume variations for both Byleths
  7. Custom Combo Animations with quality on par with official content
  8. Polished "Warrior" and "Dual Warrior" attacks
  9. An "Awakening" state reflecting combo behavior similar to official content and an associated finishing attack
  10. A History Mode post-win scene (since it seems every character in the game has/uses one when playing the game single player)
  11. Lip sync. Please. For reference, don't do what like what they did to Azura's lip sync in this game x_x
  12. Animation quality on par with official content
  13. Gameplay chatter at least on par with official content
  14. SFX at least on par with official content
  15. Supports with the other characters* (A+ supports not necessary but welcome) - this is required because it's connected to progression; the player collects upgrade items this way
  16. Game-balanced personal weapon (Sword of the Creator) with a unique unlockable weapon trait
  17. Personal items (for use with the "Progression Charts")
  18. Character Progression Charts on par with the offical content
  19. Game-balanced stat progression curve, up to level 150 (support for the game's final update level cap)

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