HELP with scattergun skin

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I made a scattergun skin but... have some problems

I need help or instructions with my scattergun skin... I made a custom model and skin in blender. I don't know how to code it into the game. Or animate the reload animations. I'm not really sure if I have to but still. If you know how to do it maybe just help me a bit. I would love to be able to submit a legit and well made skin I kinda wanted to make a single barreled shotgun that looked like the one from the TF wiki. For some reason its not letting me upload any pics because the res is too big. So here are a few shots (EDIT : I realized Vortisent has redistributed an older mod by Jalcober. But it doesn't seem to be working because of the L+W update. So I guess you could say this would be a remake. I should ask but I'm not sure if I could ask him for his approval for me to remake it. Because his last submission was 3 years ago... so yeah.)


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    the model looks really good, and to get it in the game all you need to do is name the .mdl file to c_scattergun.mdl it should sort itself out. I know nothing of animating, sorry.
    Ganbatte yo, Woody-san


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Aug 14th, 2014
@ 4:33 am GMT+0000


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In order to win the bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. Help the skin to completion
  2. Give info/help animating (if a custom reload ani is needed)
  3. Give info/help coding/making the files needed to get it in the game tracking pixel