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Make former egg moves be egg moves again - A Request for Pokemon Sword & Shield

Request Expired

This Request has passed its delivery deadline.

Make certain TM/TRs egg moves again, like they once were

some examples of former egg moves (ignore the Helioptile, as this is just a random Showdown box i edited)

Most of these former egg moves are TMs/TRs now (more so the latter) and only that, period. As a result most of the egg moves we have now are either boring or not useful.

Make the following moves egg moves for the following pokemon lines:
Fire Punch - Abra line, Machop line, Gastly line (optional), Elekid line, Buneary line, Scraggy line

Fire Fang - Rhyhorn line, Mawile, Electrike line, Bagon line, Shinx line, Lillipup line, Sandile line, Druddigon, Deino line, Tyrunt line, Rockruff line

Thunder Punch - Pichu line, Abra line, Machop line, Gastly line (again optional), Magby line, Buneary line, Scraggy line, Stufful line

Thunder Fang - Rhyhorn line, Mawile, Lillipup line, Sandile line, Druddigon, Durant, Deino line, Tyrunt line, Rockruff line

Ice Punch - Abra line, Machop line, Gastly line (for the last time, optional), Elekid line, Sneasel line, Deliberd, Buneary line, Scraggy line, Cubchoo line, Stufful line

Ice Fang - Rhyhorn line, Mawile, Electrike line, Shinx line, Lillipup line, Deino line, Tyrunt line

Drain Punch - Croagunk line, Timburr line, Scraggy line

Close Combat - Growlithe line, Machop line, Pinsir, Mudbray line

Superpower - Aron line, Torkoal, Corphish line

Outrage - Charmander line, Horsea line, Larvitar line, Gible line, Noibat line, 

Dragon Pulse - Charmander line, Squirtle line, Lapras, Dratini line, Feebas line, Bagon line, Archen line

Dragon Dance - Charmander line, Lapras, Larvitar line, Barboach line, Corphish line, Bagon line, Scraggy line, Tyrunt line

Play Rough - Swablu line, Absol, Stunky line, Cubchoo line, Skrelp line, Bounsweet line

Iron Head - Cubone line, Larvitar line, Aron line (optional), Gible line, Boffalant, Passimian

Iron Tail - Nidoran lines (optional), Meowth line, Growlithe line, Rhyhorn line
 (optional), Magby line, Dratini line, Larvitar line (optional), Feebas line, Stunky line, Gible line, Skorupi line, Minccino line, Emolga, Axew line, Druddigon, Goomy line (optional)

Heavy Slam - Machop line, Onix line, Roggenrola line

Crunch - Charmander line, Growlithe line, Rhyhorn line, Treecko line, Electrike line, Stunky line, Riolu line, Litten line

Dark Pulse - Duskull line, Zorua line, Gothita line, Deino line

Earth Power - Trapinch line, Barboach line, Drillbur line, Tympole line, Archen line, Stunfisk, Deino line

Leaf Storm - Bulbasaur line, Exeggcute line, Tangela line, Treecko line, Budew line, Fomantis line

Heat Wave - Vulpix line, Growlithe line, Litwick line, Heatmor, Litten line

Stealth Rock - Onix line, Bonsly line, Swinub line, Skarmory, Larvitar line, Aron line, Lileep line, Ferroseed line, Pawniard line

Spikes - Omanyte line, Budew line, Snorunt line, Venipede line, Maractus, Dwebble line, Trubbish line, Ferroseed line, Shelmet line, Bunnelby line, Wimpod line

Toxic Spikes - Koffing line, Omanyte line, Venipede line, Yamask line, Shelmet line, Skrelp line

Encore - Pichu line, Vulpix line, Psyduck line, Poliwag line, Abra line, Machop line, Azurill line, Wooper line, Ralts line, Buneary line, Purrloin line, Audino, Cottonee line, Petill line, Darumuka line, Cubchoo line, Shelmet line, Togedemaru

Speed Swap - Emolga, Cutiefly line

Agility - Vulpix line, Krabby line, Hoothoot line, Chinchou line, Dunsparce, Torchic line, Wingull line, Swablu line, Riolu line, Skorupi line, Basculin, Helioptile line, Hawlucha

Cosmic Power - Buneary line, Elgym line

Nasty Plot - Zubat line, Mime Jr. line, Smoochum line, Togepi line, Seedot line, Yamask line, Elgym line, Spritzee line, Litten line

Baton Pass - Scyther line, Torchic line, Absol, Munna line, Emolga, Shelmet line, Mienfoo line, Durant, Hawlucha, Rowlet line, Cutiefly line

Endure - Bulbasuar line, Pichu line, Sandshrew line, Nidoran lines, Diglett line, Poliwag line, Krabby line, Cubone line, Tyrouge line, Happiny line, Scyther line, Eevee line, Bonsly line, Skamory, Torchic line, Nincada line, Torkoal, Trapinch line, Lileep line, Bagon line, Lillipup line, Timburr line, Petill line, Darumuka line, Dwebble line, Yamask line, Minccino line, Fungus line, Litwick line, Axew line, Shelmet line, Mienfoo line, Durant, Larvesta line, Clauncher line, Goomy line, Grubbin line, Stufful line, Comfey, Pyukumuku

Switcheroo - Electrike line, Corphish line, Snorunt line, Buneary line, Cottonee line, Archen line, Binacle line, Klefki, Noibat line

Aura Sphere - Squirtle line

Stomping Tantrum - Stufful line

Hydro Pump - Bagon line

Bonus points if you make these new egg moves for these lines too:
Close Combat - Tyrunt line
Superpower - Larvitar line
Iron Head and/or Iron Tail - Jangmo-o line, Rolycoly line (head only)
Play Rough - Rockruff line, Tyrunt line
Ice Fang - Chewtle line
Fire Fang - Yamper line
Spikes - Rolycoly line
Baton Pass - Hatenna line
Endure - Rolycoly line
Leech Life - Sizzlipede


In order to receive the points bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. Add the following moves to the egg move lists of the certain pokemon lines

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