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AMXX Map Info HUD Mod Request - A Request for AMX Mod X

Request Open

This Request is available to take on. You could deliver it and receive the point bounty as a reward for your efforts.
Over the past month or so, I've been putting together a GameBanana server for Counter-Strike 1.6, and one of the main focuses I'd like to offer here is a unique attention not only to custom maps, but who made them. Currently there are several AMXX plugins that I have installed, but I cannot for the life of me find one that will do exactly what I'm looking for, and I'm not knowledgeable enough to make the mod myself. I've tried, and I get lost every time.

My request is for an AMXX plugin that will read from text files named the same as the map they're representing. Whatever text is in the text file shows up similar to a csay command on the left side. Three or four lines should be sufficient, maybe five. Ideally I'd like to use this to show the map credits since a lot of maps that I have don't come with text files. This message would trigger whenever a player joins a team.

In the text file for de_vegas, for example, it'd just simply be named 'de_vegas.txt' or 'de_vegas.ini' and I'd like it to be as simple as something like this:
Created by Mike Rosser
Released March 8, 2001
I've tried and failed several times to get this working, but I just lack the general knowhow to get this off the ground myself. It could be called 'Map Sourcerer'. :P

The server is still a work in progress and may still experience crashes in some cases, so please report any issues if you come across them. The official server launch will occur once everything is in a more finished state.


In order to receive the points bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. Must not cause server crashes.
  2. Must trigger upon selecting team.
  3. Must show message on the left side of the screen, above chat.
  4. Must be modular. If the text file doesn't exist, it doesn't display anything.
  5. Text files need to be read from their own unique folder rather than being dumped into the same folder as everything else.
  6. Not absolutely imperative, but the option to select the color that the text pops up in would be great.

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