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Pokemon Sword 1.3.1 Version Exclusives & Trade Evolution - A Request for Pokemon Sword & Shield

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Hey guys, I'm looking for 2 mods that will work with the latest update 1.3.1 to Pokemon Sword - one that changes trade evolutions to level or item evolutions and one that will add all version exclusives to the one game. Preferably rolled into one mod. Ideal for those of us with no internet access and no one to trade with! <3


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  1. Pokemon Sword 1.3.1 Version Exclusives & Trade Evolution Mod Published

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  • Jakiobi avatar
    Jakiobi Joined 12mo ago
    Hey, can you please tell me the spawn rates of squirtle and bulbasaur? i cannot seem to find them in the training lowlands. All the other pokemon work, like the gen 8 starters, but i cannot find bulbasaur and squirtle. Don't know about the legendaries, haven't searched for them, but it would be nice if you also said their spawn rates. Thanks in advance

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  • Itreax avatar
    Itreax Joined 1y ago
    654 points Ranked 48,454th
    1y 12mo
    Hi, as you asked, i've make a new mod with exclusive shield pokemon, he contain all basic pokemon from shield evolution like, you can find gible in wild, but these 2 others evolutions are not present in wild, you need to level gible, all exclusive legendary pokemon are founded in wilds.

    I've edited my alternative mod, to make all pokemon to evolve with level instead of somes with items.

    Theses 2 mods are in 1 mods/folder now, download here
    I've make 2 txt file in, 1 explain how levelup, and second where to find exclusive pokemon. I hope you got what you wanted.

    edit : Crash solved, updated with 3 new starters and the 2 new regi, (location file updated to)

    edit 01/20 fix somes shit : somes pokemon are not spawning correctly, Pumpkaboo not evovling in others size, crash when entering Isle of Armor.

    Edit 01/21 add :

    Bulbasaur and Squirtle  at Training Lowlands with normal weather
    Zarude at forest of focus on all weather but with only 1% of chance to spawn
    Slowbro evole in Slowking while holding (king's rock) at lvl 50
    Slowpoke level up while holding (king's rock) at lvl 37 during day
    Location and Evolve file updated to, HF !

    edit 01/22 add : 

    Glastrier and Spectrier at path of the peak with snow weather
    Spiritomb at Ballimere Lake with normal weather
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  • Itreax avatar
    Itreax Joined 1y ago
    654 points Ranked 48,454th
    1y 1y
    Hi, for your first request mod, change trade evolution
    For your second request, I'm not sure to understand exactly what you mean, you want the possibility to catch every pokemon who is shield exclusive in sword version ?

    ps : if you  really want 1 download/mod only, I can do it.
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