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Upgradable shields with extra abilities

A Request for Sonic 3 A.I.R.

Request Expired

This Request has passed its delivery deadline.

Upgrading a shields up to Super Blue with added abilities

Getting a second random shield (e.g. if you have one already) will convert it to classic blue one. Giving the abilities of homing attack and a light\rings speed dash.
Taking a third shield will add a ring magnet and 8-directional dash similar to a hyper sonic!!
Thou hit once looses it all to leave a distinct gameplay.

I think about bunch of minor features that I consider yaw too much on a requirements, I just don't have that points to pay... Thou I'm a perfectionist sorry:
That will give you the full look on my vision of a mod. Nothing below is necessary to fulfill the request, thou I kindly ask to stick to my vision of a modification, because it's a real gamechanger:

1) Last took shield leaves it's protection type - breath underwater\ immune to fire\ immune to electricity
1.1) Every special immunity stay, in a sake of player (for example taking water and electricity will not ruin it underwater, where you can breathe and continue to magnet rings!)
1.2) Rare flash of a last shield — to remember and for a cool look!
2) Holding button while getting other shield will cancel the upgrade just leaving the shield you're taking (rethought it in addition above)
3) Fast "super" animation as on thumbnail of a request
4!) Tails and Knuckles should not be left behind. Let 'em longer flying to Tails and faster climbing to Knux
5!) New special abilities better be on another button, to leave the drop dash, that we all love now!
6) Doubled shield should be classic blue, while tripled should be red\yellow
7) Fourth shield will add a prolonged timed invincibility
8) I will be helping with that — we should draw new, combined shields. Having 3 initial shields and 2 to combine we just need 3 different shields as a combined (water+fire, water+electricity, fire+electricity)
X) Hope some day we can have more enemies on acts to deal with such a great powers :)
XXX) that' for a very different kind of mod, maybe there is some — hurt removes 50 rings, so if you have less then 50 — you're dead! 


In order to receive the points bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. Getting a second shield (e.g. having one before) convert it to a classic blue something new with the abilities of homing attack and a ring dash
  2. Taking a third shield will add a ring magnet and 8-directional dash similar to a hyper Sonic (homing attack and ring dash should be preferable or\and moved to a different button)
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  • ClockworkBastard avatar
    ClockworkBastard Joined 1y ago
    247 points Ranked 56,688th
    3mo 3mo
    Dudes, I poured all of my points to that request...
    Not that I do think it is my dream addition to classic Sonic games, but it's a doable, interesting and never used in 2d Sonic games (AFAIK).
    Please support it with any points you can, even 1p is ok
    PS Don't put a like! ;) Make it a boost!
    What's about bananas, bro?!
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  • Ivan12ThePichu avatar
    Ivan12ThePichu Joined 7mo ago
    504 points Ranked 47,619th
    this legit sounds awesome
    now watch me whip, now watch m
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  • BluestreakDev avatar
    BluestreakDev username pic Joined 10mo ago
    Ripe Supporter S3AIR Manager StH (2013) Manager
    Not using GB
    Team Amber Flag Affiliation: Team Amber
    12,518 points Ranked 557th
    34 medals 3 legendary 8 rare
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    BluestreakDev avatar
    Team Amber Flag
    Team Amber
    3mo 3mo
    This seems for fitting as a Concept, but a Request works just as well for this.
    funni megamix man
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  • ClockworkBastard avatar
    ClockworkBastard Joined 1y ago
    247 points Ranked 56,688th
    The great idea behind all that was to pay respect to original, the very first shields! That's sadly became obsolete. To make it great again, bigger, better!
    Changing the existing monitors is dull IMO, - gamebreaker. Adding new ones throughout the game - boring and can be a gamebreaker too!
    Any new features movements alters the beloved game. Now we want it now we don't...
    Having an additional skill test with a cool new features as a prizes is the place to be in my opinion.
    Adding a features not breaking a classics.
    What's about bananas, bro?!
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Dec 31st, 2020
@ 1:17 pm GMT+0000


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