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Alternative Hunger System

A Request for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)

Request Open

This Request is available to take on. You could deliver it and receive the point bounty as a reward for your efforts.

A Hunger System tied to your Health

So, instead of having a hunger wheel that affects mobility (as seen in SilentVerge's Survival of the Wild), what if your hunger was directly tied to you health?
Basically, you're on a timer: as your hunger depletes so do your hearts; every amount of time you loose a quarter of a heart, and if you don't eat for long enough, you're just dead.

The time it takes to go from full hearts to death (i.e., the timer) would remain constant regardless of the amount of hearts you have (for example, let's say the timer is set to 60 minutes; if you have 3 hearts, you loose a quarter heart every 5 minutes, a full heart every 20 minutes, and all of them in 60 minutes; if you have 6 hearts, you loose a quarter heart every 2.5 minutes, a full heart every 10, etc., etc... you get the picture).

As with SOTW, hunger/hearts deplete faster when you're running around, climbing, fighting, swimming, etc. rather than idling, walking, or riding a horse.

Ok, so, first and foremost, is this viable? Could this be implemented into the game without too much trouble?

Secondly, there's a couple of things we'd need to figure out:

Exactly how long should the timer be? Too long and it'll be basically unnoticeable, too short and it could get annoying. I was thinking  60-72 minutes (approximately 3 in-game days) while idling/walking, and about 2/3 of that when running/etc., but that may be too short. It's all about finding the right balance.

Then, what do we do about Hearty Foods? If I have 3 hearts (I loose a quarter heart every 5 minutes) and eat a hearty dish that gives 3 extra hearts, do those extra hearts deplete at the same ratio as my normal hearts? If so, I just bought myself an extra hour. Then, what if I eat a dish that gives me 20 extra hearts? I can basically bypass the whole system. The quickest solution I can think of is to simply get rid of the Hearty Effect and have hearty foods behave like normal foods.

I think a mod like this would be pretty neat and add plenty of challenge. What do you guys think? I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts and feedback.


In order to receive the points bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. Implement a Hunger System Tied to Your Health (as described above)

Bounty Contributors

MemberContributionDate patroklos 80 points 18d patroklos 20 points 18d
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Oct 2nd, 2020
@ 7:00 pm GMT+0000


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