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the king of heroes will come to crusader? - A Request for Super Smash Bros. Crusade

Request Expired

This Request has passed its delivery deadline.
Good morning to all crusader community¬°

This is the first request I make (and possibly the last?), as you all know there are only 2 characters from the fate franchise in crusader, being Jalter and Okita (not counting Old Okita and Artoria from sk00ps if I haven't forgotten her), I found a sprite sheet of the king of heroes, Gilgamesh and I said to myself, why don't I ask to see if someone is motivated to accept the request?

After asking the author for permission and giving it to me, now I make this request, possibly no one accepts it for the points although Gilgamesh is a recognized character of the franchise but you have to try right? That is if I will not ask for many things and maybe leave some notes that I will leave in comments so as not to make the request so long.

So who will be the person to make this mod and be proclaimed the king of modders?
The sprite sheet was created by Greenmaurice.
The skins were made by me, the ones below are variants in case the first one does not convince.


I have seen two people (or maybe three if there is one more) who are doing this character,after thinking about who to give the points to when they publish it, i decided to make a competition between the two,one will get 60% or more of the points plus an extra prize while the loser received 40% of the points or less, it will not be the one who publishes it first but the one who makes a good mod, an excellent and quality one,but for this I would choose 4 or 5 people who try both and tell me which one is the best to give them the prizes(I'm still thinking about those people), so good luck to HenrryGG and Agent_5 i hope they make a quality mod and the best one wins.



In order to receive the points bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. It must at least contain the movements that you see in the sprite sheet, you can create originals or modify some according to your tastes or as you see it
  2. must have at least the first five skins
  3. his final smash must be his Noble Phantasm: Enuma Elish
  4. who makes an excellent and quality mod and according to the vote of those four people
  5. Must be posted on bananagaming
  • Im not in modding but i put my like,this is so awesome <3
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    that look workable (and now im free)... i can work in base of this
    se ve trabajable (y ahora estoy libre)...puedo ponerme en base a esto
    PD:necesitaré algun ejemplo visual del Final Smash ese que pides
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    Have some extra points from me! I want to see the King of Kings on Crusade.
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