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Shy Guy

A Request for Super Smash Bros. Crusade

Request Delivered

A member completed this Request and was awarded the point bounty.
Due to the expiration date of my previous SSBC Shy Guy request, I decided I should give the guy a second chance, this time, the bounty will start at an even higher price AND I'll be sure to specify what moves this fighter could use, mainly 2 possible move ideas for each attack.

Smash Attacks:
Forward: Shy Guy will swing a wooden hammer, Shy guy whacks the opponent with a spear.
Down: Shy Guy does a Ground Pound, Shy Guy spins around.
Up: Shy Guy Launches a rocket from Super Mario Bros 2, Shy Guy swings his arms in the air.

Up: Shy Guy jabs upward with a spear.
Down: Shy Guy falls onto the ground
side: Shy Guy whacks the opponent with a stick

Netural: Autobomb. Shy Guy takes out an Autobomb and fires it
Side: Trip. Shy Guy will swing his arms in front of him and rush to the direction the person uses the side special with, like Wario's Bike, this move can change directions. after 3 seconds, Shy Guy will trip, any enemy in contact with Shy Guy once he trips will take damage.
Up: Fly Guy. Shy Guy for 5 seconds, becomes Fly Guy and soars upwards slowly, after the move is over, he'll fall down quickly.
Down: Stilts: A secondary recovery, Shy Guy uses his stilts to launch himself up, if done in the air, Shy Guy will fall down quick like Kirby's Stone Ability.
*Another idea for Down Special: Select. This will change Shy Guy's Netural and Side Specials.
*Select specials:
Neutral A: Spear Throw
Neutral B: Toy Box Whack: Shy Guy takes a block from Shy Guy's Toy Box and will slam it on the ground, this move only effects an enemy under or close to the Block's hitbox.
Side A: Bullet Bill, This move will work like Villager's Side Special, but after 3 seconds, the bullet bill will soar downwards slowly for 3 more seconds. once those 3 seconds are up, the bullet will explode.
Side B: Albatoss: Shy Guy sends an Albatoss out who will toss one of three items depending on the input given. Shy Guy will not be able to move during this, however, this move will still be affected by gravity, the move can be canceled by sheilding or if an enemy hits you. 
Albatoss Inputs:
Up: Albatoss throws a Ghoul Guy that for 1 second will lock on a nearby enemy, this lasts 3 seconds counting the lock on time.
Left/Right: Albatoss throws a Bob-Omb forward.
Down: Albatoss will give Shy Guy a Super or Poison Mushroom.
Chances of mushroom:
Poison: 80%
Super: 20%

Jab: Shy Guy swings his arms out.

Gjab (grab Jab): Shy Guy uses a stick and whacks the enemy.
Up Throw: Shy Guy becomes Fry Guy, the enemy is launched upwards and takes Fire Damage.
Down: Shy Guy will call Gourmet Guy who will slam a plate onto the enemy.
Side: Shy Guy kicks the enemy then tackles.

Neutral: Shy Guy spins 360 degrees.
up: an upwards spear jab
down: a swift kick downwards, can be canceled using Up Special.
Forward: Shy Guy launches a rock forwards with a Slingshot
Back: Shy Guy kicks backwards.

Final Smash: Shy Squad Attack:
General Guy appears and orders Shy Guy to attack the player, a swarm of red, pink, blue, and green Shy Guys join in to attack as well, after 5 seconds, Shy Guy throws a piece of Lemon Candy at the enemy as Anti Guy speeds in to deal the final blow, this will k.o players over 64%.

I honestly dont have any. but thats good, I recommend Paper Mario sprites or custom ones. or just make your own sprites! 

Definetly Shy Guy's voice from Mario Kart 8.

Versus Music:
Shy Guy Falls - Mario Kart 8
Or: Shy Guy's Theme - Mario Strikers Charged (Wii)

Alt Costumes:
Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Black, Orange, Anti Guy, Game Guy (Purple Belt, Yellowish mask), White, Subcon Pink (Pure Pink robe, White shoes, white belt, White mask.), Phanto (Red Mask, White Robe, Red Belt, Red Shoes.

two spear guys chant and dance with Shy Guy, this can heal 1% damage from the player's health.

Hopefully this info helps, hell, if you can, do a mix of Shy Guy sprites! i'm fine with it!
welp! good luck!

*This move is not required, i'm just giving people ideas.


In order to receive the points bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. Make Shy Guy a playable character
  2. Use the move ideas in some way, or make your own moves for Shy Guy.
  3. Complete the fighter before time runs out.

Bounty Recipients

The Bananites below were awarded the Request bounty.

RecipientAmountMessageSenderDate OcarinaofTime 789 points LegendairyCow avatar

Bounty Contributors

MemberContributionDate LegendairyCow avatar
37 points 16d
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14 points 19d
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30 points 22d
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10 points 23d
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60 points 25d
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5 points 1mo
Pika_play77 40 points 1mo Gameobatts 95 points 1mo CJanpiel18 70 points 1mo LegendairyCow avatar
408 points 1mo
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20 points 1mo
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Aug 17th, 2020
@ 8:48 pm GMT+0000
Additional Rewards
  1. A $10 gift card for the Nintendo EShop.
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