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TF2 characters in SRB2K

A Request for Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart

Request Open

This Request is available to take on. You could deliver it and receive the point bounty as a reward for your efforts.
The 9 mercenarys from Team Fortress 2 in Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart

here's some subjetion for voice lines (you can ignore it):


boost: eh he-hey, i'm flying - WOHOHOW (and all the variants)

win: no problem - i'm not even winded -  not other class gonna do that - BANG! i making look easy - i did it - sweet - hit the breaks pal, you're done - that's what i'm talking about - what have we learn? I ALWAYS WIN!

lose: you've got to be kidding me - i can not belive this - stupid stupid stupid - uuhg

hitting: yo, did you even see me hitting ya? - where ya go slogga?

get hit: (any "pain" sound) 

pass player: eat my dust - I'm back baby



win: now that is what i wanna see - today is a good day - this is what the president must feel like all the time - sweet land of liberty - duty and honor

lose: boo - uhg noooo... :c - damnit

hitting: this is what the president must feel like all the time - guns guns guns

get hit: (any "pain" sound) 

pass player: Well, back to the front - i don't going to just give it to you - we are trading now - hello again


hm hm hmmmm


boost: (shield charge)

win: that's the way ya do! - imagine if i haven't been drunk - it could me only one - IT'S ON, IT'S ON like *sleeps* eh? wha? - oh i need a drink - WHOOOOOOOOO WHOOOOO whoo... - haha very easy - oh yes - oh perfect - that's a way

lose: thankfully i already don't remember this - bloody hell - uuhg noo... - ugh, comeon - oh it's a dark day

hitting: that'll do

get hit: (any "pain" sound) 

pass player: roll back to hell - what did i miss? -  i'm back! 



win: not usually my job, but - every one loses hahaha - i am gigant - you cannot beat me - good - i feel alive

lose: boo - how could this happend? - not good - very bad - is not possible - next time i'll crush you - heavy hate losing

hitting: YYES! - little little man - you are not match for me - POW! HAHA!

get hit: (any "pain" sound)

pass player: go ahead and cry baby - run home to mama


boost: YEEEHAA (and all the variants) - heavy road coming thru - iincoming

win: well, that was easy - that's nothing - job well done - that was gettin' heavy - take it like a man, shortie - i don't even need my good hand for this

lose: that just ain't right - boo - damnit - darn

hitting: a real texan would doge that

get hit: (any "pain" sound)

pass player: nope


boost: haunts haunts

win: another succesfull procedure - i am the uberman - mh not bad - 10 ot of 10 - vicoria - 

lose: this is unacceptable - unbelievable

hitting: the healing is not as rewading as the hurting

get hit: (any "pain" sound)

pass player:


boost: GNAAA! - GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!! - hey, look at me go

win: that was to easy mate - now that is how is done - hehehe nice - not bad

lose: gnraa... piss - bah, who needs it - 

hitting: sniping is a good job mate - i tell you sniping is a good job - sorry mate, but i'm the best - *spit* - gotcha

get hit: (any "pain" sound)

pass player: see ya' - hey look at me go


boost: incoming

win: my plasure - cheers - exelent - but ofcource - i feel tré bien - behold your winner - i am the champion - you are all incompetent cowards - jealus?

lose: that was unfurtuned - i must been dreaming - oh please - oh fantastic - nooooo - well, this was a dissapointment - if you speak of this i'll kill you

hitting: i murder your toys as well

get hit: (any "pain" sound) - oh good a concussion

pass player: i have return - what did i miss - did you forget about me? - sorry for poping unanounced - suprise - peecaboo 


In order to receive the points bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. The class icons should be showned in the mini map.
  2. For the default color put RED

Bounty Contributors

MemberContributionDate davisudo avatar
Sonic Boll Mods 'n Tools Flag
Sonic Boll Mods 'n Tools
60 points 5d
s*it the hawk 20 points 9d
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davisudo avatar
Sonic Boll Mods 'n Tools Flag
Sonic Boll Mods 'n Tools


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s*it the hawk Joined 10mo ago
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s*it the hawk
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Jun 14th, 2020
@ 3:18 am GMT+0000


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