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A Link to the Past gear

A Request for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)

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Request Open

This Request is available to take on. You could deliver it and receive the point bounty as a reward for your efforts.

Lets get some Link to the Past in our BOTW!

I would love to see more mods that reference A Link to the Past. If someone with armor modeling skills could add in the following, myself an I'm sure others who grew up with aLttP would love to see these for Link: (Pictures for a general reference are included, would prefer them to go over armors that can be upgraded)

Green Tunic (Very similar to the Tunic of the Hero, maybe just a few tweaks)

Blue Mail (can be a recolor of the green tunic to match the blue mail color scheme)

Red Mail (same as above, a recolor would suffice)

Power Gloves

Golden Gloves

Pegasus Boots (SUPER BONUS if you can make it so that these make your sprint speed 3x normal!)

Magic Cape (I know invisibility is probably impossible, but high stealth would still be awesome!)

Uncle's Sword and Shield

Fire Shield

Golden Mirror Shield (Bonus if it reflects guardian lasers and is unbreakable! Can be a replacement for the Hylian Shield)

Master Sword in aLttP style (I am aware of IssueLink's version and I love it, but it's over the Lynel swords) (SUPER BONUS if you can make it glow blue after the first Trial of the Sword, turn to the Red Level 3 Master Sword after the middle stages of Trial of the Sword, and turn it to the Golden Sword after TotS has been completed!)

aLttP Fire Rod replaces Meteor Rod, becomes unique and unbreakable and located in a shrine (perhaps a fire themed one) All other instances of the Meteor rod would be replaced with regular fire rods like the Wizzrobes have) 

aLttP Ice Rod replaces Blizzard Rod, becomes unique and located in a shrine (Same concept as above). Might as well make up a Thunder Rod and complete the set ;)

As if all of the other stuff isn't really out there and unlikely, I might as well add this concept fully knowing it's highly unlikely to ever happen: Finding a way to implement Bombos, Ether, and Quake medallions. Urbosa's Fury is basically Ether already, just missing the holding the sword up in the air animation! I don't know if adding new runes to the Shiekah Slate is possible, but it would be a great place to add those medallions, so you can give them a nice long cooldown.

Extra Credit/Different take! If you think the normal aLttP red and blue mails are a little boring, I wouldn't care if you wanted to stylize them some! For example, I like Linked Universe's take on Legend's Red Mail! Feel free if you want to do something like that!

Okay, that's all I can think of now! I know that most of this is unlikely, but I love imagining this stuff in BotW, and maybe if there are any bored modding gods out there that love aLttP as much as me, then maybe it will give them some ideas or inspiration! I added the Master Sword beam sound from aLttP here, that's about as good as I can do lol.


In order to receive the points bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. I will consider this "delivered" if the tunics are done. All of the other stuff is just bonus for hopefully bored good modders to consider!

Bounty Contributors

MemberContributionDate Minos 100 points 3d PotatoNug 150 points 3d reap3rx 200 points 3d reap3rx 20 points 3d
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Mar 8th, 2020
@ 5:08 am GMT+0000


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