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Uekawa-Accurate Character Texture Colors (For Dreamcast Models)

A Request for Sonic Adventure DX (2004)

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Request Delivered

A member completed this Request and was awarded the point bounty.
It was a choice between this, the Dreamcast-accurate camera movement overhaul (which may happen anyway, just years later), or altering Sonic's hands into closed fists during his max speed running animations.

But I think EVERYONE will prefer THIS request.

Take a look at the playable Dreamcast character models in this image and tell me: Do their colors seem de-saturated to you?

More specifically, do they seem de-saturated compared to Yuji Uekawa's illustrations?

That's what I'm aiming to fix with this request: Give the playable characters' in-game models more color. Specifically for the Dreamcast models.

You COULD do the DX models if you want to go the extra mile. It'd make sense, considering those models try to look more accurate to the art (and SA2's models), but for this request, I'm recommending just the original ones.

Use the images above for reference. You might wanna ignore the black, white, and gray parts on each character. They most likely don't require any alteration.

I'm putting in 200 points to start off. Feel free to let me know if that's too little for something like this. If anyone else is up to seeing this happen, go ahead and add your own share to the bounty.

I'll throw in an extra 75 points if you can also saturate Sonic's Light-Speed Shoes, Tikal's textures, and Eggman's textures. I don't think Chaos needs any saturation, of course, so don't worry about him.

And if you can, try and make this mod compatible with Kawaiikaorichan's AI HD Textures mod.


In order to receive the points bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. Saturate Sonic's eyes, blue fur, skin, and shoe textures to match the art.
  2. Saturate Tails's eyes, yellow fur, and shoe textures to match the art.
  3. Saturate Knuckles's eyes, red fur, skin, and shoe textures to match the art.
  4. Saturate Amy's eyes, pink fur, skin, and shoe textures to match the art.
  5. Saturate Big's eyes, fur, shoes, and belt to match the art.
  6. Saturate Gamma's red, yellow, green, and blue textures to match the art.
  7. For an extra 75 points, saturate the textures for Tikal, Eggman, and the Dreamcast Light-Speed Shoes.

Bounty Recipients

The Bananites below were awarded the Request bounty.

RecipientAmountMessageSenderDate PumpKing1248 275 points BCMediaPlayer 17d

Bounty Contributors

MemberContributionDate BCMediaPlayer 75 points 17d BCMediaPlayer 180 points 19d BCMediaPlayer 20 points 19d
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Feb 29th, 2020
@ 1:28 pm GMT+0000


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