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Heal beam improvement redo?

A Request for Team Fortress 2

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Request Expired

This Request has passed its delivery deadline.

Old AIS beam mod?

I really like the concept of the Aligned, Improved, and Strengthened Heal Beam mod that was made quite a while ago ( ) The mod makes it so the Medi-Beam actually comes out of the end of the Medibeam (hence aligned),  Changes the particle texture and takes away the gaps in between the particles, and overall makes it so the medibeam particles don't look scattered all over the place. I think it's a really great mod. But unfortunately, this mod is about 5 years old and works terribly now. I forgot to mention that this mod has 4 different vpks to choose from, Stock Aligned (which just only does the alignment but doesn't change the particles or gap fixing), Low (my fav because it looks very stylish), Medium, and High (Gods wrath in many different ways good and bad) you can look at all of these in the original link. So on with the bad stuff, lemme tell you about the performance/playability of the mod. Since this mod is very old, it is VERY unstable, all versions of vpks really chop up the game when put in use (even the lower ones). The mod crashes your game when loading into a server with any sort of sv_pure. Now let's move on to aesthetics and details of the mod. I think the low vpk is the best one compared to the medium and high ones that burn my eyes, and I don't know what causes this because I'm not a professional but, the High and Medium vpks have weird bright white overexposed areas that hurt to look at. What I'm asking for is for someone to recreate this mod or something along that line. Now I don't know much about the original creator and they haven't uploaded anything for 5 years but maybe they can just update it too. This is my first interaction on this site so go easy on me if  I messed up


In order to receive the points bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. Must have Alignment to Medigun
  2. Must have improved particle textures
  3. Must have gaps reduced between particles
  4. Must not Chop game performance for no good reason
  5. Maybe have all four different vpk variations
  6. If you can find a way to take away or reduce the overexposed white spots on higher vpk variations.
  7. Must not crash game if loading in a sv_pure server
  8. Have that cool effect from the end of the medigun ^w^
  9. I'm not a pro on particle effects so feel free to tell me if any part of this is too much or impossible
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    Note: Custom particles don't work on official servers or sv_pure 1 servers (exception for skial servers). The closest existing mod that comes close to your requests is here. It has an aligned beam, and a grenade timer at the end of the medigun. No performance difference on my end. Gaps are visible, though not too noticeable.
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Jan 17th, 2020
@ 9:30 am GMT+0000


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