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Remove Hitstun Cancelling Completely

A Request for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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This game' mechanics are almost perfect to me, but the fact this mistake of a mechanic still exists distresses me. Just.. somebody, please. I'm not talking about increasing hitstun either (it's been the same value since Melee IIRC), just removing the ability to cancel it prematurely. Thank you.


In order to win the bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. Completely remove hitstun cancelling from the game akin to the first two Smash Games


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    My mod here has an option to remove hitstun canceling:

    If you want to make the change yourself, the value is located in common.prc. You should be able to make the change pretty easily using a program like prcEditor/ParamXML.

    The parameters for the  minimum amount of hitstun frames to activate hitstun canceling for attacks and airdodges are damage_fly_attack_frame and damage_fly_escape_frame respectively. Turn those up to a super high value like 9999/something beyond the maximum amount of hitstun frames (reasonably) reachable and hitstun canceling will be gone. The maximum amount of knockback in vanilla Ultimate is 2500 units, so multiplying that by the 0.4 hitstun multiplier will yield a maximum of 1000 frames, so setting those values to 1000 should be sufficient.

    I've detailed other hitstun and other related parameters in the description of my Melee Mechanics Starter Pack here:

    Here's a list of parameter labels as well in case you want to change other things:

    Also just FYI, despite the knockback to hitstun multiplier being the same as in Melee/Brawl/Smash 4, once balloon knockback kicks in (the lower threshold of which is one hitstun frame before moves start sending you into tumble (so 77.5 units of knockback), ending at 200 units of knockback) a new formula for hitstun kicks in causing it to scale more slowly than in the past games. So unless you remove/tweak the balloon knockback parameters or adjust the hitstun constant (or both) you'll have less hitstun at higher percents compared to previous games due to the way the balloon effect interacts with the frames of hitstun you receive.
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Aug 11th, 2019
@ 4:37 am GMT+0000


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