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Fix Zero Suit Samus' Character Model

A Request for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Zero Suit Samus' character model was changed drastically between WiiU and Ultimate. The difference is extremely obvious:

The changes that were made to Samus' character model are a massive downgrade, a disservice to the character, and an insult to her fans. These changes are unwarranted, unreasonable, and indefensible. I have been unable to enjoy Ultimate to the fullest, knowing that my favorite character has been left mutilated and disfigured by Sakurai's team. I have absolutely no idea what possessed Sakurai to make such a drastic decision, but I will not be at peace until his errors have been corrected.

Zero Suit Samus deserves better than this. We can save her.

Bounty Contributors

MemberContributionDate YandereDev 5 points 2d YandereDev 5 points 9d YandereDev 5 points 11d YandereDev 5 points 14d YandereDev 5 points 16d YandereDev 5 points 20d YandereDev 5 points 22d YandereDev 5 points 24d YandereDev 5 points 26d YandereDev 8 points 29d YandereDev 12 points 1mo YandereDev 14 points 1mo YandereDev 5 points 1mo YandereDev 5 points 1mo YandereDev 5 points 1mo YandereDev 5 points 1mo YandereDev 26 points 1mo YandereDev 20 points 1mo


In order to win the bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. Restore Zero Suit Samus' bust to its size and shape from SSB4.


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  • Why were all the comments saying this was a bad idea trashed lmao. This post is either the creator of this shitposting. 
    Mushroom Kingdom's Hero
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  • Professor Heavy avatar
    Professor Heavy Joined 6y ago
    access_time 30d
    I don't care about the request itself. If I was able to mod, I could probably do it since the modelling seems very basic. But god damn, that description.
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  • AB1 avatar
    AB1 username pic Joined 2y ago
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    Clearing Lines
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    access_time 1mo
    Bro i heard you were an amazing programmer and modeler, why not do it yourself and be able to take the credit? 
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    I'll face myself. avatar
    I'll face myself.
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  • Animal666vt avatar
    Animal666vt Joined 3y ago
    access_time 1mo edit 1mo
    THANK YOU, all the other comments are just trolls talking not about the mod but your game, well I made a Smash 4 mod that takes regular Samus and shows her with her mask off. Ever since I saw this request I thought why did no one actually do this so I took it upon myself to work on the mod, but anyways here you go hope you give me more points lol so I can actually upload images in comments in the future 
    Edit: Yall don't know what a god damn joke is I'm making fun of him I literally just pulled the vertices in Blender and rendered it poorly as a joke

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  • ikeakamaru avatar
    ikeakamaru Joined 1mo ago
    access_time 1mo
    She should get this model 
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  • -THANAT0S- avatar
    -THANAT0S- Joined 1mo ago
    access_time 1mo
    Yes I agree, but I don't really care about her mammaries. I just want her booty to be fixed! It looks strange now. If they made it juicy again I'd be happy

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  • Quadraxis avatar
    Quadraxis Joined 3y ago
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    access_time 1mo
    She's fine, i'd rather see regular Samus fixed so she doesn't have the Other M design, now that feels like a disservice.
    Yeah, phazon drinks!
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  • InconspicuousShark avatar
    InconspicuousShark Joined 9mo ago
    469 points Ranked 45926th
    access_time 1mo
    Let's fix her face while we're at it. Orange eye shadow looks a bit ridiculous.

    Actually, is there an easy process to import models from 4? Because there are a few other characters who had their faces botched in the transition as well, such as my poor boy Shulk :(
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Sep 12th, 2019
@ 6:30 am GMT+0000


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