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Searching for people to finish up "in limbo" status mods.

A Request for GameBanana

Request Expired

This Request has passed its delivery deadline.
So as you might have known or thought I pretty much moved away from the modding scene to only work for specific tasks and the retro game that is being developed under the Gamebanana Name.

However I still have mods that are in "limbo status" all the way back from 2014! Most of these mods are pretty much near completion and some are even completely finished they just require the additional effort to make proper adjustments for the game they have to get into and make the required screenshots/description.

I am therefore looking for talented modders that know the development process of the following games:

  1. Counter-Strike (Source/GO (if CS:GO is still actually possible to mod at all).
  2. Insurgency (Modified Source Engine)
  3. Left 4 Dead 2
  4. Skyrim/Skyrim SE - Creation Engine
  5. Fallout 4 - Creation Engine

With these games come various mods that I've worked on in the past, some you might have seen as a WIP, some never even published.

The mods in question are the following for each specific game:

Counter Strike/Insurgency/L4D2/Fallout

  1. Btooom Bim (Required (re)animation adjustments and compiling to the game(s))
  2. Westar-34 (Only requires compiling to the game(s) and setting everything up in terms of the right sounds, VGUI, mod is practically done just needs to be compiled into one of the games)
  3. EE-3 (Has animations for L4D2 but would also like to see this in some of the other games, might require some texture/shader adjustments but most of it is pretty complete as is)

Skyrim/Skyrim SE

  1. Zangetsu Bankai (Is completely done and has been compiled and just needs some in-game screenshots and perhaps small modifications to work with Skyrim SE)
  2. Zangetsu Fullbring (Is also completely done and has been compiled and just needs some in-game screenshots and perhaps small modifications to work with Skyrim SE)
  3. Dark Repulser (requires finishing of the textures , and compiling into Skyrim)
  4. Elucidator V2 (requires finishing of the textures , and compiling into Skyrim)

All of these projects were in development for various years but have been pretty much came to a complete halt after 2015. Therefore I am now reaching out to every talented modder here on Gamebanana to ask you if you are interested to finish these projects either together with me or do it completely for me.

If you are interested and think you're up for the task then feel free to contact me via PM or via e-mail at:


In order to receive the points bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. Finish the Btooom BIM Grenade Mod
  2. Finish the Westar-34 Weapon Mod
  3. Finish the EE-3 Weapon Mod
  4. Finish the Zangetsu Bankai Sword Mod
  5. Finish the Zangetsu Fullbring Sword Mod
  6. Finish the Dark Repulsor Sword Mod
  7. Finish the Elucidator V2 Sword Mod
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    I could make something with EE-3 for CS Source if you want
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    Teh animathur
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Rafael De Jongh
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Mar 19th, 2019
@ 6:11 pm GMT+0000
Additional Rewards
  1. I can grant you any game to your liking in addition to the point bounty from this list:
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