Buoyant Helicopter Bomb

A Request for Half-Life 2: MMod

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This is a request to have the helicopter mine in MMod made to float atop the water's surface instead of sinking like a stone.

In Half-Life 2 the helicopter bomb is dropped in the water for the player to dodge in the airboat, providing dynamic obstacles to keep the chapter feeling a bit fresher. In EP2 a new model was made for the bomb since the player will now see the mines up close, but this model does not float.

Half-Life 2 MMod uses the EP2 model for the helicopter bombs, but since the EP2 bomb is never used around water, it wasn't given any buoyancy and will just sink harmlessly to the bottom of the canal.

Bounty Contributors

MemberContributionDate Wojacket Fremind Creative Association Flag
Fremind Creative Association
5 points 22d
Mr. Someguy 20 points 1mo


In order to win the bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. bomb float


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Mar 26th, 2019
@ 2:07 am GMT+0000


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