King Dedede over Roy or Morton

A Request for Mario Kart 8

Yes, I do know that this character is already made over Bowser in MK8: Remodeled, But i Prefer not to replace him, plus that one was a little unfinished, for me at least. But besides that, I'd appreciate it if anyone would be willing to take on this request, i would be grateful for it.

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In order to win the bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. Add the Character over Roy or Morton
  2. (Optional) Make the Voice
  3. (Optional) Make the Kart Colors and Emblem
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    I have been thinking about making this over Roy or Morton, but may be a while when/if I get to it. Anyway I recommend using either his model from Blowout Blast or Star Allies as they're both the highest quality models of him in a kirby game. It comes down to design preference, but the Star Allies model might be too high quality for MK8, but has bump maps. I highly don't recommend using any Smash Bros. model for him, as they're definitely to HQ for MK8 (besides 3ds which is actually a bit too low quality on textures but fine on geometry) and they go too far off in design from Kirby games, and Mario Kart doesn't follow the same premisse as Smash with character designs, but rather with them being as close enough in design to the main series games of each franchise (I'm also biased over character looks in their own series rather than Smash, as I mostly prefer them that way and mostly don't like smash designs for most characters but whatever).
    Shadow King
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Dec 27th, 2018
@ 10:33 am GMT+0000


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