Harder Boss Fights

A Request for Sonic Adventure DX (2004)

I felt it would make for an interesting mod if someone was able to tamper with the AI, moveset, and HP of the bosses in SADX to counteract the basic methods people utilize to screw over the bosses and make the fights more interesting (Ignoring Perfect Chaos, Gamma's bosses and Character bosses: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Gamma).
If this is not possible, please let me know so I may remove this request.

-Here are some of my suggestions- 

EggHornet's Moveset: 
-Fires volleys of somewhat homing missiles
-Dives into the ground where the player would have been if they stood still

How to improve this:

-Tamper with the amount of missiles fired, improve their homing if possible
-EggHornet fires missiles briefly before diving at the player
-Reduce the time that the EggHornet is stuck in the ground (Vulnerable)
-EggHornet dives at the player multiple times, before going back to the air
-If possible borrow the shockwave effects from either Zero or Chaos 6 when the EggHornet collides with the ground after diving 

Chaos 0's Moveset:
-Turn into a puddle and move around with invincibility
-Launch his claw at the player
-Jump onto the poles and launch his claw at the player
-Spin around with his claws out

How to improve this:

-Increase Chaos' transformation speed when he turns into a puddle and movement speed when he is in puddle form
-Decrease the start-up on Chaos' claw shot attacks
-Have Chaos perform the claw shot attack in rapid succession instead of just once with reduced endlag between
-Have Chaos sometimes jump off the poles performing his claw spin while he descends to the ground to get rid of his vulnerable start-up

Chaos 2's Moveset:
-Turn into a ball and chase the player
-Block incoming player attacks with a barrier and knock them back
-Homing claw shot
-Turning into a puddle and stretching out over the ground

How to improve this: 

-Reduce the bounce on his ball form and allow him to pursue the player at a faster rate
-Have him behave more aggressively, knocking back the player more often
-Increase his knockback when the player hits his barrier
-Reduce the endlag on his homing claw shot so he does not remain vulnerable for too long

Chaos 4's Moveset:
-A splash that sinks adjacent lily pads
-Tailwhip shockwave, and the tailwhip that produces 2 shockwaves
-Wild flailing claw shot
-Turning into 4 balls of water and chasing the player
-Rising to the surface (Vulnerable)

How to improve this:

-Whenever Chaos performs the splash, he uses the tailwhip shockwave immediately after
-If Chaos sinks the lily pad the player was standing on, he immediately uses the flailing clawshot
-Chaos uses the flailing clawshot immediately after rising to the surface
-Reduce the amount of time he remains vulnerable
-When Chaos turns into 4 balls of water, have him ascend to the surface before the balls chase down the player, and have him descend when he turns back
-Have chaos use the double tailwhip shockwave if the player is in the water

Chaos 6's Moveset:
-Vaccuum inhale
-Big Jump Shockwave
-Scorpion Tail Strike
-Transforming into a wierd blob with a guillotine tail
-Making needle projections to limit the player's movement
-Slowly attacking the player with the guillotine tail

How to improve this:

-Chaos jumps around the arena utilizing his Big Jump Shockwave
-Chaos uses the Scorpion Tail Strike immediately when the player is close enough
-Increase Chaos' transformation speeds
-Have Chaos' needle projections try to surround the player so that the guillotine tail can strike them more easily
-Increase the speed of the guillotine tail and have it strike more than once
-Increase Chaos' Vaccuum Inhale animation speed
-Reduce the time that Chaos is frozen by the Ice Egg things
Zero's Moveset:
-Targeting Laser
-Reeling Punch
-(From Amy's Stages)Electric Shockwave
-Jumping Electric Shockwave
-Electric Arm Spin

How to improve this:

-Zero immediately performs the Reeling Punch as soon as his targeting laser catches the player
-Increase the speed of the Reeling Punch being fired, and reduce the endlag when it reels back
-Let Zero use the Electric Shockwave instead of the jumping Shockwave when the player close by
-Decrease the start-up on the Electric Shockwave
-Have Zero utilize the Electric Arm Spin whenever he is close to the center of the arena(Not just when he is low on health)
-Zero emits an electric shockwave when he gets knocked into the fence or shocked
-Reduce his vulnerability time after he gets shocked

EggViper's Moveset:
-Targeted Lasers
-Opening the back hatch, setting a row of buttons, and making Eggman Vulnerable
-Focused Explosive Laser
-Overhead Laser Barrage
-Spiked Top Attack
-Destroying Platforms
-Death Throe Platform Destruction

How to improve this:

-The EggViper fires 6 lasers in a fanning out formation centered on the player, instead of the close targeting 3
-Speed up the EggViper's Vulnerability animation, where it presents the row of button
-Focused Explosive Laser fires more than once
-Overhead Laser Barrage fires more rapidly
-The EggViper destroys platforms before performing the Overhead Laser Barrage
-The Spiked Tops do not linger in front of the player after they have been launched, they immediately return to the EggViper after reaching the player
-Death Throe will strike Multiple Platforms (Only leaving one)
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In order to win the bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. More Challenging Boss AI, altered boss patterns
  2. Boss Selection Menu
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    I honestly believe this will remove the blandness of the game. Period.

    Thank. God. Someone's brought this up.
    I never actually knew how to put it in simple terms, but I couldn't agree more with you pal.

    According to my calculations, this 'is it', Chief!
    All opinions matter
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