A fix for the Deagle© Brand Deagle Spy mod

A Request for Team Fortress 2


For a very long time, this was by far one of my all time favourite mods to use. This was 9 years ago however, and there hasn't been a proper fix since.  This is due to the model/animation swaps that Valve put out a long time ago. If I remember correctly it replaces the revolver. However with skins existing. It might be worth having it replace the Ambassador instead. Either way I just want this to be fixed so that I can use it again. It's a fantastic mod and the animations are great looking. It's a damn shame that the creator is no longer around to fix it anymore. I wished that I could've fixed it myself, however I'm too brainless to actually learn how to properly fix the older mods. 

I'm also aware that due to the old changes in c_models and v_models. Fixing the animations would end up making all other revolvers look/reload weird. I'm fine with that. 
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In order to win the bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. A working fix for the Deagle Brand Deagle mod, animation and the skin.
  2. Not exactly a requirement, however if it's not possible to fix it replacing the revolver due to skins. It might be worth having it replace the Ambassador instead.


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Nov 13th, 2018
@ 1:58 am GMT+0000


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