Blizzard Midbus ui

A Request for Super Smash Bros. (WiiU)

The original blizzard midbus skin is here. Before you say that this mod already has ui, I opened it in Smash Forge, and it is only the vanilla ui for the blue bowser.

I want the full ui for blizzard midbus.

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  1. A chr00 file, a chr11 file, a chr13 file, and a stock90 file
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    I made this feel free to use it. I'm not at my main computer right now so I cant inject it, but you can do that. Anyway its not perfect, but I thought I might as well. Sorry, I don't really have time to edit textures right now, so I could not do your giga bowser texture edit request. 
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Oct 26th, 2018
@ 3:26 pm GMT+0000


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