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I've been trying to get some help with trying to put a modpack together with no luck so I decided that it'd probably just be easier to request one. I apologize in advance if I posted this in the wrong category. I was wondering if someone could make a modpack where all of the characters have costumes from official games. For example Peach would have her wedding dress, fire dress, sunshine dress etc. as with all of the other characters. But also costumes from PM like Sonic's jet set outfit. And where everyone (or just some characters) had better movesets. Like their PM ones. And if possible have echo fighters in it. Like Daisy having her own slot over Peach where she has her own voice, moves etc. and Shadow having his own slot with his own voice, moves etc. Also, have the lame 2D stages replaced (and lame stages in general) with ones from Smash 3DS and whatnot. Don't really care for menu changes or anything like that. That's extra stuff that would be cool to see but not necessary. Obviously CSP's would need to be replaced so you know what character/stage you're choosing. Also, change some of the items so it makes sense. Like, have the mega mushroom to make you giant and blue mini mushroom to shrink you. I have all of the mods downloaded I just need someone to put it together. I can make a list too if that helps. Also, some of the mods aren't wifi safe so if possible maybe have a wifi safe and non wifi safe version. I enjoy some of the modpacks out there but would prefer one that's not so wacky. If you've read this far thank you and I hope to hear from someone willing to help soon. ^_^
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    There's a modpack in the works that does the official costumes part.

    For everything else, just read a tutorial on how to use Sm4shExplorer.
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Sep 21st, 2018
@ 3:14 am GMT+0000


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