BIT.TRIP Runner: CommanderVideo (Possible Eshop card bounty!)

A Request for Super Smash Bros. (Wii U)

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w i l l a n y b o d y a c t u a l l y d o t h i s ?

As a long-time BIT.TRIP fan, I've always wanted to see CommanderVideo, the protagonist of the series, in Super Smash Bros. With SSB4 modding becoming more and more common, I'm hoping to finally be able to make this dream a reality. However, my computer has a pitiful amount of storage, and any attempts at model rigging have been met with a banner reading: "Download failed- not enough storage space". Therefore, I've resorted to requesting this mod on this wonderful platform we call GameBanana. Thank you in advance if you choose to make this mod!

Here's a link to CommanderVideo's model from Runner2:

The filenames for each of the costumes:
Default: CommanderVideo
Robot: CommanderVideoAndroid
Walkman and Headphones: CommanderVideoBeatTrip
No armbands or shoes (Don't include this): CommanderVideoBuff
White with black visor: CommanderVideoInversion
Pink Jacket (Punch Out reference): CommanderVideoMac
Power Glove (silver mitten): CommanderVideoMitt
Basketball Outfit (At least, I think that's what that is): CommanderVideoSchlortzed
Turkey Suit: CommanderVideoTurkey

I've also included source images for items such as the Rainbow Cape, as well as a few photos of CommanderVideo For reference.

However, if you edit the basic black model's shoes and armbands to reflect his Runner3 design (As well as add normal human hands... see Runner3 photo) or include any of the included alternate costumes, I'll throw in that lovely Eshop card code that most likely drew you to this page! $10 dollars worth if you make the Runner3 design, 10 if you add any alternate costumes, and an extra 10 if you add all of them. That's $30 dollars to be had!

Note: If you only do 1 or 2 alts, please don't leave out "Inversion". (White skin with the black visor) He's my favorite. Maybe because his skin tone matches mine so well...

Oh, and the Turkey Suit.

Since the model includes 9 alts in all, and there are normally only 8 costumes on a character, you don't have to do "In the Buff". (CommanderVideo without the shoes or armbands) He's just way too similar to the default design.

If you can Text ID them to any slot, that's great, but if you can't, just put default CommanderVideo over c00 and the rest over c01-c07 in whatever order you like.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. If you start making this mod, please let me know via a post on this request or a PM. Thanks!

My vision for rigging CommanderVideo over Dr.Mario is as follows:

  1. CommanderVideo's model from BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien superimposed over Dr. Mario
  2. Dr. Mario's Super Sheet recolored to look like CommanderVideo's Rainbow Cape (Even though it's not actually a rainbow, just 5 random colors)
  3. Dr. Mario's Megavitamins made into yellow, orange, teal, cyan and purple cubes (Should be pretty easy to make the models... They're just cubes...)
  4. CSP and Stock Icons if you can (If you don't know how to do them, that's fine. I'm sure I can find somebody else to do it.)
  5. I'm currently working on a voice mod using sound effects from across the BIT.TRIP series, so no need to do that. I'll upload the file as soon as it's done.
  6. Css, csp and Stock Icons if you can


In order to win the bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. CommanderVideo over Dr. Mario
  2. Rainbow Cape over Super Sheet
  3. Cubes (Each cube being a different color) over Megavitamins
  4. Css, csp and Stock Icons if you can
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Dr. Mario icon Dr. Mario
Model Imports


Aug 25th, 2018
@ 12:44 pm GMT+0000
Additional Rewards
  1. Add Runner3 design: $10 in Eshop money
  2. Add 1 or more alts: $10 in Eshop money
  3. Add all alts except for "In the Buff": extra $10 (20 total)
Rules regarding Additional Rewards


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