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Source color problems - A Question for Half-Life 2

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I'm having an unusual problem, that being after playing "CM Awaking", the colors of HL2, Ep1 and Ep2 are very messed up.

I have verified, uninstalled and reinstalled, but to no avail, so I've decided "why fight it alone".

Here's what I've discovered vie my own testing:

  • For whatever reason, HL2 Update is unaffected. (CM, and all other versions of HL2 are)
  • Screenshots taken with any program, including the jpeg command show normal colors. (not messed up despite it being so in-game)
  • The colors are only messed up while in full-screen. (They appear normal when windowed)

Like I've said, the color problems don't appear in ANY screenshots I take, no matter what I use, so I can't show you exactly what it looks like.
I have however recreated the effect myself in the attached images.

My current thought is that some kind of reshade has been installed wherever the Source Engine is located, though I have no idea where that might be if so, and why HL2 Update isn't effected.

My other theory is possibly a console command has been run in CM:A to cause this and not been reverted by other source games.

My next step is to go through CM:A script by script to try and find what it did.
In the meantime, any help is appreciated!
  • The Reason Half-Life 2 Update wouldn't be affected is because it has it's own dedicated folder. Half-Life 2, Lost Coast, Episode 1, Episode 2, and Half-Life Source all share the same folder. Half-Life 2 would be located in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common" Your best bet there is to check to see if CMA installed SweetFX in the Half-Life 2 folder.
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    It's affecting all the HL2 games because they share the same install directory and all feed out of the same root install. Even HL:S is in there.

    Try setting mat_colorcorrection 0 and see if that works.
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