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What is it like being Ripe? - A Question for GameBanana

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Can some tell me if it's worth getting ripe? What happens? What do you get? I don't want to waste my money.
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    Ripe is merely a subscription. You either pay with a credit card or pay with the points you have. Also it says that the cost to purchase all the unlocks is 48,550 points but it's different for everybody, I think it's based on the number of points you have.
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    I had all unlocks unlocked using points years ago before I decided to support the site by buying Ripe.

    The features of Ripe have already been mentioned at the Ripe Page. For more details, you can check Plan Functionalities as well.

    The reason for having Ripe

    Ripe has been introduced as a way to allow site members to contribute to the site. You can think of it as a way to express your support and appreciation towards Gamebanana and be rewarded in return.

    It is similar to Discord Nitro for example, if you use Discord i.e. while you can still use Discord normally, you can support it's development and growth and be rewarded with a few additional features in return.


    You get access to all unlocks on GB which you can also purchase separately.

    But why would anyone want these unlocks? Here you can find what each unlocks do. As a short summary you get to :-

    • Use more stamps
    • Create Blogs, Polls, your own Portfolio
    • Customize your profile, the way you browse the site as well as how your stuff appears to others.
    • Enhance existing site features such as Todos and posting.
    • Shortcut button to download mods quickly
    • Upload custom files to a storage provided by GB (Bitpit)

    Ripe Medal and Avatar Glow and Ripe Club

    See the rainbow border around my avatar? That indicates I have purchased Ripe. Users also get awarded a medal which usually can be seen on their tooltips or in their Medals library/module.

    Ripe Club is a place where Ripe members can interact with each other. For now Clubs are a bit limited in GB - anyone can post in there but only people who have purchased Ripe can be a member of that Club :).

    This is more of an appreciation from GB as a thanks to you for having purchased Ripe.

    Access to Premium BananaExchange Titles

    BananaExchange is a place where users can exchange their Gamebanana points for a select games. It's been a while since new games have been added or existing game keys refilled.

    There are a few games that have "Premium" keys meaning they are exclusive for Ripe members. So even if the game keys are sold out for regular members, if it has a premium key left, a user with Ripe could purchase it.
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