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Display Class-specific elements?

A Question for Team Fortress 2

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Could anybody answer me please?

Ok, so, I've got this HUD I've made with hudcreator and I've been editing it manually for a bit now. I started adding stylish icons and all, and now I wonder, how can I make them display only when I'm playing as a certain class?

example: i've got 2 icons stacked on each other on the right side of my screen, the 1st one is a sticky grenade Icon, while the 2nd (behind the 1st one) is an Engineer-related Icon to signify metal. I want it so that only the 1st one appears when I'm playing Demo and the 2nd appears only when i'm playing Engie.

(I sincerely apologize for the low quality screenshots.)
example images

what i've got as of now: (in HudPlayerHealth.res)

"ControlName" "CExLabel"
"fieldName" "customLabel_5"
"xpos" "643"
"ypos" "395"
"zpos" "10"
"wide" "45"
"tall" "70"
"visible" "1"
"enabled" "1"
"labelText" "G "
"textAlignment" "north-west"
"font" "ToonHUDIcons65"
"fgcolor" "149 255 0 255"
"ControlName" "CExLabel"
"fieldName" "customLabel_6"
"xpos" "643"
"ypos" "395"
"zpos" "10"
"wide" "35"
"tall" "55"
"visible" "1"
"enabled" "1"
"labelText" "M "
"textAlignment" "north-west"
"font" "ToonHUDIcons65"
"fgcolor" "159 159 159 255"
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    A. HUDs are very picky on what can and what cannot be shown on screen.
    B. Class specific things cannot be done, however, there are two elements to do what you want. Using the engineer's metal element and demoman's stickies element you can separate the icons into those two categories. Here's a website to check to fine out where to edit and morph things around for your HUD: TF2 HUD Editing Guide - DoodlesStuff
    Keep in mind, HUDs are very finicky with certain elements.
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