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Romka Classic HECU V3 Modding Help - A Question for Black Mesa

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Need help modding Romka's Classic HECU V3 addons

I have been using Romka's Classic HECU V3 mod and find it immensely impressive.

However there is a brand new addon that has recently come out, that uses elements from the Black Mesa Character Expansion that I also have installed, and it also looks great seeing HECU with the classic HL1 balaclava.
However it is rather annoying seeing the Balaclava model on some HECU models that aren't the shotgunner, and even more annoying seeing shotgunners using the Balaclava with a helmet/gas mask.
I do not feel confident with editing the script files or messing around removing/adding the right materials/models with this addon to achieve the right model usage that I desire from this, and will need the help of someone who is knowledgeable on this.

My request is this: 

Is it possible to edit this addon so that the HECU model with ONLY the Balaclava and Googles ONLY appears on the shotgunner HECUs, whilst leaving the rest of the HECU troopers completely untouched (so that they don't use the Balaclavas or any of the other addons in this mod)

Here is an image for Reference:  

I appreciate any help offered
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    The problem lies in the .mdl. I'm guessing that the Balaclava and Googles weren't assigned to model "marine_sg.mdl" and "marine_02_sg.mdl" on the script "character_manifest.txt". I don't know how to modify the character_manifest.txt, but that's my guess. The "sg" stands for shotgun meaning the marines who hold the shotgun.
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