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char.ini problem

A Question for Attorney Online 2

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thx lol

every time i join a server i pick a custom character on the change character screen and it cant find it on the char.ini please help
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  • Super late response (didn't even see this existed, plus not a Gamebanana regular), but heeere we go...
    (Note: I'm using actual folder names as examples - These folders are a part of the Killing Fever Online server's base content)

    If this is not an iniswapping issue: Chances are you don't have the server's files, as many servers don't use purely the files that come with AO 2.8. "Could not find [folder path]\char.ini" means that you simply outright don't have the files.

    If this is an iniswapping issue: Continue reading

    Alright, so I'm just going to assume three things:

    1: Your server has a character on their list meant for iniswapping, such as "15 Custom" or "Persona 25".
    2: You wish to use another character, such as "Oscar Fairplay", through this [Custom Character Slot].
    3: You are using the "vanilla" (unmodded) client of Attorney Online 2.8, and not a modded client such as Case Cafe's or The Next Chapter's (although the first solution may likely work for those clients as well).

    First Solution
    This solution will take advantage of a new feature introduced with AO 2.8, which is the ability to iniswap within the client. In most all the default 2.8 themes, you will see a series of 3 dropdown bars put side-to-side horizontally, one of which will state the name of the character you are currently on. Assuming that we are on "15 Custom", you will see precisely "15 Custom" in this dropdown. So long as you know the name of the folder your target character is in (say, for example, that I wanted to switch to Oscar Fairplay's jury sprites), all you have to do is replace the contents of the box with the folder name. In order to get to Oscar Fairplay, it would simply be "Oscar Fairplay", however we want his jury sprites, which are in a subfolder. This isn't an issue, we just simply put in "Oscar Fairplay/Juror" instead, as "Juror" is the name of the subfolder. This will change your character automatically and instantly by automating the Second Solution for you.

    Second Solution
    This solution will take advantage of an old-fashioned, yet (personally) tedious solution to iniswapping. Open up the char.ini for both the character you want to swap from (the one on the server, such as "15 Custom") and the character you want to swap into (the custom in your files, such as "Oscar Fairplay\Juror"). Copy the line near the top that says "name =" from "Oscar"'s char.ini into "15 Custom"'s char.ini, and save it.

    Next time you load up "15 Custom", you are now magically Oscar Fairplay, ready to be on the jury!

    If nothing in this post solves your issue, please post a screenshot of when you get this error, and if possible, what steps you've taken to get this error.
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