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Are mods online safe?

A Question for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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i dont have switch yet but i just wanna know

so... i got a question are ssbu mods online safe?


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    The previous answers are somewhat false, but not entirely. You can use them online, but you run the risk of being banned, however it is not instant as people say it is. As someone who is modding online for over four months, even with Giga Bowser, here's how to reduce your risk. I do not take any responsibility for bans garnered from going online following these tips.

    Tourneys and Quickplay probably are really unsafe due to the fact that the former is monitored by Nintendo and the latter literally saves Replays and sends them to Spectator Mode.
    Nintendo can detect hacked saves, so do not modify anything that could potentially mess up your save in a way that would get you banned. You can play as Giga Bowser without messing up your save, but do not change any of the save slot numbers anywhere.
    Mods that would desync Smash 4 still desync Ultimate, except you can add stage alts and they actually load the alternate stage on arenas unlike in Wii U, but only if you're the host. If you're not, simply it won't load the alt stage, and will load the default one for that slot.
    Of course, any general Switch modding that would be bannable is also risky, so basically keep your Switch clean and be careful.

    I, once again, do not take responsibility for any unfortunate bans to occur for you, but online modding has been very smooth for me and I'm just sharing my experience.
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    they really aint

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    I mean, simply put, no. Voice and texture mods(as well as some stage swaps) technically work in some instances, but you will almost definitely get banned, and that's not fun. I don't recommend it.
    Apprehensive loser.
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    in SSB4 Replacing Textures Musics and Voices are wi-fi safe, so I think SSBU is also tthe same.
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    As someone who dabbles quite extensively in GBATemp's Switch Banning thread, I'll put my two cents here. I made a thread warning against going online here on Gamebanana around the time of Ultimate's release as people were starting to have excitement build for mods to begin, but, of course, true popularity and accessibility has really come in the last couple of months or so and as such I will reiterate the points I made there here. 

    First of all, if the method used to load Ultimate mods is the same as Breath of the Wild mods (which for all intensive purposes I'm pretty sure it is because the data.arc which is injected is in a similar location to where I put BotW mods) then the system used is known as LayeredFS which is likely baked into Atmosphere (the most common Switch CFW). LayeredFS has, in the past, been a flag that will put a Switch on Nintendo's ban list due to its ties to piracy. In the case of LayeredFS most bans have came in waves meaning that even if a ban is not immediate, it is still possible. With LayeredFS seemingly baked into Atmosphere, any connection to the internet while in CFW is a risk as Nintendo has been able to detect it in the past with their telemetry. 

    In order to stay 99.9% safe, you're going to want to have a clean nand backup and be using airplane mode when in CFW in order to prevent accidental connections to the internet. I've been using mods on my Switch since June of 2018 using these protocols and have evaded a ban thus far even through a couple of LayeredFS ban waves. As someone who has been taking these precautions for such a long time successfully, I personally would not risk connecting to the internet with CFW active and would advise others to follow suit.

    With all of that said, I do hope that a safer method that will allow for risk-free online play surfaces, but, to my knowledge, nothing of the sort is anywhere on the horizon.
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    as long as its only texture and sound mods, don't use anything that changes gameplay or play giga bowser online. thats a def ban.
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