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Modding an Izanagi that lvls with MC?

A Question for Persona 4 Golden (PC)

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How far could you go with the concept of modding Izanagi to have inheritable skills over the course of the game, like the other party members?

A childhood dream I've always held onto is the concept of having the Main Character's persona level up with you the whole game and inherit better skills over the course of it, like the other party members. I understand for balance reasons why Atlus never does it; they want you to explore fusion and fuse better personas that counter the varying enemies you face and cover your party's weaknesses, rather than stick to one all the time.

I've been dabbling with this idea now that modding is much more accessible on PC, but I don't really have the time or expertise to explore the possibility. For the sake of throwing ideas out there and just seeing what's possible, I wanted to know:

  1. Could you give Izanagi more inheritable skills?
  2. Could you change his XP requirements per level to equal yours? (i.e. when you lvl up, so does Izanagi)
  3. Tying into Q2: is there a way for Izanagi to always gain 100% XP per fight, regardless of whether or not he's equipped at the end of the battle, so he doesn't fall behind?
  4. To avoid fusion dramas, could you somehow "lock" him to the player in an extra Persona slot, and/or mod another Izanagi that cannot fuse with anything?
  5. To cover a knowledge gap I have about party members : do they have set stat leveling? If so and assuming our personas don't could you do the same thing for Izanagi?

Naturally this is only conceptual and even if it were plausible a lot more work would need to go into it to flesh it out (e.g. what abilities should be learned at what levels). 

Aight that's about all I've got, now go ahead and destroy my dream :(
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  • I know this wasn't the answer you were looking for, but there are ways, like with skill cards, to give Izanagi better skills. Sorry that I don't have an actual modder's answer, but you could challenge yourself to only use the skill cards that it seems like izanagi would learn naturally. (Giving him a Zionga skill card when its available to you, etc) Even though its not a proper answer I still think it'd be a cool challenge run to try.

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  • Azreal909 avatar
    Azreal909 Joined 30d ago
    I'm actually making a youtube series on a playthrough with this concept. I use a save editor to give Izanagi skill cards at certain levels 
    If you're wondering what the skill tree is I have it here



    Rakunda - Level 3

    Tarukaja - Level 5

    Mazio- Level 10

    Invigorate 1 - Level 15

    Mighty Swing- Level 18

    Zionga - Level 23

    Invigorate 2 - 26

    Swift Strike - Level 29

    Auto Tarukaja - Level 34

    Mazionga - Level 40

    Elec Boost - Level 44

    Invigorate 3 - Level 46

    Atom Smasher - Level 49

    Ziodyne - Level 53

    Power Charge - Level 55

    Auto Matarukaja - Level 60

    Maziodyne - Level 64

    Vorpal blade - Level 69

    Elec Amp - Level 73

    Cool Breeze - Level 76

    Thunder Reign - Level 80

    Hassou Tobi - Level 84

    Victory Cry Level 99

    2nd Awakening skill - Null Wind 

    3rd Awakening Skill - Absorb wind

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