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How to properly edit/save .MST files? - A Question for Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

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EDIT: Never mind, I figured it out. You gotta export the .MST first, then edit the .XML in notepad, then import the .XML to .MST in the Toolkit. I can't seem to find a delete button, so I thought I'd leave it filled out for science. But if a mod would like to delete it, that's fine by me 

Long story short, I have both the DLC content packs and a modified version of the LoS mod to add the 6 character episodes. Both the Amigo Episode and the Tails Episode share msg_dl0030_title.mst, and thus both display the Amigo Episode title by default. Being that they both have Tails as the avatar, it can get mildly confusing. 

I've tried simply going into Tails Episode files and changing the path to msg_dl0040 instead of 30. However, doing this in Notepad or WordPad seems to break the .MST file. Doing it in WordPad will set all the characters to ?, but doing it in Notepad makes everything look normal on the surface. However, when you go to Export the new .MST file to test it, it says it can't read it, or simply doesn't export it to the .XML file at all. The file still says it's a .MST, but I guess Notepad saving it as a .MST does something to it? In-game, Tails Episode now has no caption underneath, but is still playable and functional. 

Google told me a program called Orca would help. I downloaded it, and in the Toolkit used Open With on the .MST file, but Orca wouldn't open it. 

While on the topic, is there any reasonable way to rearrange the order of the Episode list? For the DLC pack, it goes Silver Boss > Amigo > Sonic Boss > Shadow Boss... I'd like to put Silver at the end there to put it in order. But, not the end of the world. 

Thank you! 

PS: What I had changed was: scripts.arc > xenon > download > 0018.lub (Tails Episode) > "text_book = "text/msg_dl0040_title.mst", then to text > renamed msg_dl0030_title.e.mst to 40, and in there the .mst changed it to 40 as well 

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