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Mystic Melody Portals Not Showing Up

A Question for Sonic Adventure 2

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Hello, everyone!  I recently got into downloading mods for Sonic Adventure 2 and I've been doing a playthrough with a preferred set of mods to experience the game in a new way. 

I noticed that the portals that pop up when using Mystic Melody don't show up visually at all, but their functionality is intact. I was wondering how this can be? Could this be through incompatibility of the mods I have active? Or is this a known issue with one of the mods I'm running?

For the sake of seeking help with this issue, I will list what mods I have below:
Cutscene Revamp by Speeps/End User
HD GUI for SA2 by Speeps/Windii
No Battle Mod by MainMemory
DS4Buttons by PotatoSebs
2P in Chao World DarkyBenji
Chao Data Menu by Justin113D
Chao Party Race Fair Patch by DarkBenji
Chao World Extended by DarkyBenji, etc.
Choose Medal by DarkyBenji
City Escape Bug Fix PLUS by Air Chomp
Dreamcast Chao Gardens by Exant
Fast Somersault by Speeps
Fixed SFX Volume by F-Man
HD Chao Texture by DarkyBenji
Menu Overhaul by Speeps
Newer Challenge Race by DarkyBenij
ostD_chambr by Neo
No Level-of-Detail models by SonicFreak94
SA2 Battle Netwok by SonicFreak94
Stache Fix by SonicFreak94
Sonic Adventure 2 Retranslated by DeLaKekm, RobowilOFFICIAL
Enhanced Kindergarten by Shaddatic
Sonic's Alternate Flame Ring by That Damned Pizza Boy
Disable Upgrade Models by MainMemory
Misc. Dreamcast Restoration by FallenLogic
No Model Tinting by Speeps
Rendering Fixes by End User

Hopefully this can bring me closer to solving this problem, as I love this game and really want the PC version to become my definitive way of playing. In the mean time, I'll probably try to uninstall all of my mods and do some testing with them individually. If anyone has a tip, thank you so much!
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    access_time 16d edit 16d
    It is a graphical bug with the game itself.
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    Something about me says it's the Misc. Dreamcast Restoration mod

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    The only thing you need to do is take a trip to your Graphics card settings, and disable the Optimization settings, its a big issue on budget laptops and cheap PCs.

    Small side note that I forgot to mention: If the box is check marked or listed as "Enabled", disable it and things should be fixed.
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