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New Animations Not Loading

A Question for Sonic Adventure 2

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Mod files not loading

I've made the modifications to the animation, exported it, converted it to .saanim and put it in the correct mtn folder of the mod with the correct labels in the ini, and then put that folder in the gd_PC folder... then it doesn't load, it just uses the normal animation. I've tried converting the folder to .prs like other mods, no dice, same thing. I had a similar problem with edits to the Hero Garden a few days back, I'd make changes but it would just load the original (I never figured out why, I just left it). When I put another custom map in place of mine, it loaded fine, so the issue was the file itself, not the mod layout... 

So what could be the problem? I'm really not sure where to even start... Do both instances have the same issue? I'm stumped...
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    You can't do MTN replacements with folders. Also you need to make sure the names in the saanim files match the names in the INI file.
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    Okay! It now works! Posting this up here so it can help somebody else!

    For future reference, here's how you do it:
    You'll need SA Tools, though I assume to get this far, you have them.
    Assuming you have the changed saanim files, they need to go in the correct mtn folder that you got from ProjectManager.exe in the Project Manager folder. It should be in resource/gd_PC.

    Inside the mtn folder is an ini file; in that file, find the number of your animation and change it's ID (animation_#####) to your animations ID, which can be found by loading it into SAMDL (which if you just changed the animation that was already there, that isn't necessary).

    Then you need to convert that folder back into a prs folder using buildmtn.exe in the SA2PC folder. Once you have the prs file, put it in the gd_PC folder of your mod, NOT resource/gd_PC (if resource is the first folder in your mod, move gd_PC to the main directory of the mod, that was my mistake)

    After that, it should work! I hope this helped someone, it sure helped me!
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