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How to change HL/BS HD hgrunt fire rate?? - A Question for Half-Life

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Need this answer please

Well, its kinda complicated to explain. Basically i have noticed something VERY annoying on the HD/HD Updated human grunt model for Half-Life and Blue Shift and it is the fire rate.
While the LD hgrunt and even the Op4 HD hgrunt_opfor and male assassins are able to shoot 4 bullets per "fire event" very fast (being completly synchronized with the shooting sound), the  HD/HD Updated hgrunt has a very broken fire rate, sometimes shooting 3 bullets per fire event and with a poor and sad accuracy (and not even synchronized with the M4 shooting sound).

Well, i dont really know if you will get what im trying to explain, so just make a little test: put the LD hgrunt model into your HL or BS game, then go to any map where grunts are present, and if there are many grunts kill all of them but leave only one alive (set god mode ofcourse), then place yourself just in front of the grunt while he keeps shooting you and look and count very carefully every shoot you take. Then close the game and put the HD/HD Updated hgrunt into your game, repeat the same process and count every shoot you take. You will notice it very fast im really sure.
The fact that the HD/HD Updated hgrunt has been nerfed is very clear.

So here is my MAIN question (yeah, after this long story): Can anybody tell me HOW to edit the HD/HD Updated hgrunt model QC file to give it the same good and fast fire rate and accurasy than the LD hgrunt/HD hgrunt_opfor/massn models?
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    You need to decompile the working hgrunt model (the LD one), then to decompile the one with the broken events. 

    Then open the .qc files for both models in notepad++ and compare the animations. Under the animations you'll sometimes see something like this:

    { event 1004 3 "common/npc_step1.wav" }

    { event 1004 18 "common/npc_step3.wav" }

    (Obviously not exactly those, these are from a model I'm working on and they are responsible for the stepping sounds in the NPCs)

    TL;TR: you need to make sure that the HD grunt has the same events and the one that's fixed; then compile. That's it. 
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    I don't know much about fire rates but I think that you need to edit the Source Code for it to work. I could be wrong though.
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