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How To Make Old Mods "Jungle Inferno Compatible"? - A Question for Team Fortress 2

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[TF2] Weapon Mods Crashing When Joining Valve Servers

There are a few weapon mods that I like using before the Jungle Inferno Update, but since then those mods crash TF2 consistantly when redirecting to a new Valve server. They work fine on community servers. 

I have read this post by FiveEyes about some folder directories having been changed after the update, which can break some mods that are older than 2 years. However, even some newer mods are crashing TF2, but the file paths (in the .vpk files) seem to be "correct". Are there some details I am missing out on? 

I don't really have any experience in making weapon mods, but I want to try fixing the mods myself, so any help is appreciated. Thanks for reading. 

Below are some mods that I have tested: (could be false-positive though)

Quite Stable Mods:
Metal Meter Construction PDA
Pigeon-Fancier's Coop (2019 fix)
Huntsman Requiem

Quite Unstable Mods:
Teamthemed Widowmaker (reborn)
Artillery Sentry
Bill Cipher Teleporter
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    Non-HUD and sound mods that work sv_pure 1 servers are simply a result of Valve's poor spaghetti code. Mods shouldn't work at all, but pre-loading them sometimes causes them to bypass the whitelist once or twice. 

    The crashing is a result of the game realizing that the modded files are there and it trying to reset them to the standard models. This only happens during server switches because the game refreshes all assets when loading a new map. Whether or not a mod causes a crash is dependent on the mod content and how it was made. Some work fine, some cause stuff to start glitching out, and others just crash the game completely.

    There is no way to bypass the filter indefinitely. HUD and Sound mods only work because they are allowed to by Valve (only in some cases though).
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    There's not really any good way to make mods work in sv_pure 1 servers so trying to "update" the mods will still make TF2 crash when joining sv_pure 1 servers.
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    The fact you were able to get my Construction PDA mod to work on a pure server is amazing, since its modifications are similar to my Widowmaker mod. They both edit the model files. The only difference is the PDA doesn't include any VMT or VTF files.

    These crashes are not a result of Jungle Inferno, rather they are a result of the pure setting on the server enforcing consistency for the in-game assets.
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