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Custom Imported Levels?

A Question for Sonic Adventure 2

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Just to keep things rather short and quick,

Is it yet possible to import custom stage models into this game?
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    access_time 1mo edit 1mo
    Short answer: yes, Realistic answer: how much time do you have to spare?

    You'll need Blender 2.81 and Justin113Ds Blender add-on installed to it: You can export as SA2BLV or SA2LV files (the former is preferable) but you'll have to set up a DLL file in your mod to insert the new LandTable the export will generate [Correction, you do NOT need a DLL file, however it is one way of inserting a LandTable, can use a text file as a DLL file substitute and other methods available] (the [3] of 3 file in my and  -[DEXTERITY]- avatar Marx Team Flags Crisis City mod has a text file acting as a DLL file and LandTable files set up how you could do it, for example). That's as much as I know for sure,  -[DEXTERITY]- avatar Marx Team Flag is the one who's actually been importing levels and it's worth noting you have to edit meshes specifically, and split them enough, to give them collision. With the method he's been using there's a VERY limited amount of total collision you can get away with, ideally use no collision where not needed/simplified collision meshes/collision cubes in the SET files.

    You might need to find the pointers for the level you wish to put your LandTable import over using, Ghidra/IDA. There's a reason most imports are done over City Escape, also your SET file list is tied to the level you import over, so if you need certain objects be careful what level you import over OR you can use code in a DLL file to add other objects in however, checking the master code for MainMemorys Emerald Coast mod ( ) has example of imported objects: . If you're not already in Mains discord server checked his pinned tweet: folks in there can help you through all this, my knowledge is rather partial (the server also has links to all tools you'll need such as IDA and the developers of everything I've linked are all in there too).

    Additionally without code your texture lists will be limited to the level you import over... without code (that dreaded word). So long story short, possible, but SA2 is the LAST Sonic game that you'd want to do this for right now. If you're still going to go for it good luck.

    Addition: Can also add a custom sky-box model as a SA2MDL exported file (again from blender 2.81 using the add-on). I've been meaning to import custom assets myself so perhaps I'll get to it pronto and upload a quick tutorial here on GameBanana at least covering the basics, in combination with the SET file guide also uploaded should mean full custom levels could be documented.
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