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How to improve my compiles? - A Question for Counter-Strike: Source

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my firs compile for css

I recently made my first por to css, and its clearly visible that i have a lot, to learn, and im making this post asking for feedback and advices to improve my ports

i dont know if the mesh are broken af because i used milkshape, but i think thats one of the problems (i will put some pics of how broken it is) and i would like to learn how to make scripts, because theres no fire-burst animation, so fire burst mode is bugged, and maybe if i use a custom scripts to change fire-burst mode, to full auto mode, it will be fixed.

ye, i have a lot to learn boy

here is the preview video

sorry for bad quality 
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    Ditch Milkshape 3D, get Blender or Maya.

    Problem with milkshape is that it's old, way too old and outdated. I know that moving to another 3d software is really hard but it's a solid choice to help your compilling process or even, your modding skill in general.

    About scripts, no idea about those but I think you shouldn't be considering working with these, lotta scripts don't work in multiplayer, only on singleplayer. That's due to sv_pure if i'm not mistake.

    Just making sure, use Crowbar for decompiling any source/goldsrc models you ever come across and that you want to edit, again about milkshape I have to say that I never seen anyone use it in CS:S before, that's new for me. I still think it was only designed to work effectively only in goldsrc games, and by that time people were already considering other softwares to replace it

    About the firing animation of the glock there I think you gotta adjust the speed of the animation in the .qc file...i'm just taking a guess I don't really mess with animations, maybe it'll do the trick or not

    In general it doesn't really look bad, I have seen worse situations xd. The rigging is acceptable, there's a bit of deformities here and there but easily ignorable. The main problem is only those animations.
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    Blender is free and it's ~180 MB in size, why are you using the ancient 3d program for  
    Also cant you just use the firing animation for the burst fire (maybe lower the fps a lil bit ?)
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