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Lego Batman: Rescored - A Project for LEGO Batman: The Video Game


Update 0.2.0 Released 26d
  • Addition Add new music
  • Improvement Refined existing music choices
As always, the current state of the mod can be found here.

This release focuses on Batman Returns and Power-Crazed Penguin. I'm  about halfway done with that episode, with the main omissions being both Arctic levels, the hero Sewers level, and the action music in the villain sewers level. I'd also like to replace the quiet music in Zoo_C to something less wintery, and I'm not particularly satisfied with how the music in the Catwoman boss fight turned out.

As a bit of some work I've been doing on the side, here is an attempt at a B:TAS-style opening logos track. I've been using it as-is personally, but didn't include it in the download because people found the lack of sound effects off. If you want it, just rename it to IDENT_WB_BATMAN.OGG and put it in .\AUDIO\_CUTSCENES. I'm working on try to recreate the sound effects, but if that doesn't pan out, I'll include it as a toggleable option in Reloaded-II.

I'm going to take another break for a while. Version 0.3.0 will probably include most of the Arctic music, as well as at least a new quiet track for the hero Sewers level. Whether it does anything in The Riddler's Revenge will depend on if I've watched the Schumacher films by then.
Alpha v0.1.1 released! 4mo Improvement Addition Alpha 0.1.0 Released! 6mo Addition Fairgrounds Released! 1y Addition

A re-imagining of LB1's soundtrack, without the over-reliance on Elfman's 1989 score

What this project is:

Lego Batman: Rescored aims to make LB1's soundtrack more varied and audibly interesting. As great as Danny Elfman's score is for the original 1989 movie, it does get tiring hearing the same tunes for 30 levels straight (I exaggerate a little bit, but not much).
Lego Batman: Rescored will take the original soundtrack, and blend it with tunes from the following works when fitting:
  • Batman: Original Motion Picture Score by Danny Elfman
  • Batman Returns: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Danny Elfman
  • The soundtrack from the Batman Returns SNES game
  • Batman Forever: Original Motion Picture Score Album by Elliot Goldenthal
  • "A Batman Overture" by Elliot Goldenthal, from Music from and Inspired by the "Batman & Robin" Motion Picture
  • The soundtrack from the PS1 Batman & Robin game
  • A couple different bootleg Batman & Robin soundtracks, unless Warner Records decides to finally release the best thing to come out of that movie (please do)
  • The soundtrack from Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes by Rob Westwood, as well as the movie adaptation.

What this project is not:

  • A lousy excuse to redistribute copyrighted music. Due to engine limitations, almost all tracks will have ambient noise hard-mixed in. Final distributes will be lossy Ogg Vorbis files, generally from an already lossy source.
  • A total conversion. In some cases, Elfman's score does fit.
  • A conglomeration of every Batman-related soundtrack ever released. I'm only using music that fits thematically and lends itself to blending well with Elfman's soundtrack (sorry, 1960's Batman).


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The Joker's Return 95% Power Crazed Penguin 55% The Riddler's Revenge
  • So, this will basically be the following:

    The Joker's Return: the '89 Batman music score.
    Power Crazed Penguin: the Batman Returns music score.
    The Riddler's Revenge: both the Batman Forever and Batman & Robin music scores.
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