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Breath of the Wild 2.0

A Project for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)

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Project Spreadsheet <

This project (as the title suggests) aims to be a large-scale update to the game that does a variety of things including:
  • Fixing bugs in the game 
  • Adding new content 
  • Rebalancing existing Gameplay

By combining various mods, this project will hopefully create a foundation that will push players towards installing it as a base for all future mods.

The Project will be broken down into two release types; a uncut edition that simply merges all the different mods and additions we're creating as well as the definitive version that cherry picks the best parts of all mods to form the ultimate update.

Note: Some of the mods listed below have already been released.

1. Breakdown of the 2.0 Project

1.1. Fixes 

1.1.1. Chest Fix

Makes chests that are inaccessible in the vanilla game accessible.

1.1.2. Max Hearts/Stamina

Allows the player to technically max out both (the means to do so is added later).

1.2. Overhauls 

1.2.1. Shrine Overhaul

Makes the interior of shrines aesthetically appropriate to the area they are found. This is done so that they don't all look the same within. An extension to this project is having thematic music to match these changes.

1.2.2. Hyrule Rebalance

Changes the difficulty of the game to make it more balanced. Changes are made to combat, stamina usage, monster health, attack damage, price of goods, etc.

1.2.3. First Person Quest Log

Changes the quest log to be in first person, similar to the Japanese version of the game.

1.2.4. Relics of the Past

Aims at improving Guardian AI and making them actually a threat. An extension of this may be the addition of two Guardian types (a field boss variant and flying scout).

1.2.5. Tougher Trees

Makes Trees harder to cut down, gives axes more of a use.

1.2.6. Battle Scarred Link

Changes Link's body to look more accurate to what the game says Link is supposed to look like in terms of damage to his body.

1.3. New Content 

1.3.1. Gerudo Entertainer Pack

Adds a quest to help some Gerudo musicians recover instruments and whatnot enabling a night-time camp-music area. This project is also considering adding an item that allows Link to play music.

1.3.2. Crafting Project

Allows the player to make weapons, shields and some armour pieces with materials. This also adds new materials to the game for the player to either find or craft.

1.3.3. Zonai Expansion

Allows the player to create Zonai weapons we're adding via stone pedestals at the great mazes (built from the Crafting project).

1.3.4. Standalone Lantern

Adds a lantern item that is unbreakable and stays lit when not in the users hand.

1.3.5. Labours of the Hero 

A mini expansion that adds a few boss-like monsters that upon defeated will drop Heroic Shards, collect a certain number of these and use the Hylian Shield to make an unbreakable version of it.

1.3.6. Mask Expansion

Adds masks from OOT and MM into the game, some with effects.

1.3.7. Assorted Items

New items that don't fit any particular project.


None found


check_box_outline_blank Port to Switch Low Priority check_box_outline_blank Ongoing development of project Low Priority check_box_outline_blank Add 2nd Hylian Shield check_box_outline_blank Update Battled Scarred Link check_box_outline_blank Add Elemental Boomerangs


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  • access_time 2d
    Would you consider making this compatible with Linkle mod and perhaps even working up some battle scars for Linkle with Lynard?
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  • access_time 4d
    Heyo! Glad to see this project make its way to GameBanana! I'm honestly hoping to see this become a Graphics Packs mod for the game!
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  • The Bread Pirate avatar
    The Bread Pirate Joined 5mo ago
    access_time 5d
    I'm glad to be present for this project's unfolding.
    I'm here for an education.
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  • HenrikoMagnifico avatar
    HenrikoMagnifico Joined 1y ago
    137 points Ranked 62173rd
    access_time 5d edit 5d
    Great ideas! However, I really think some of these should be togglable since a lot of people (me included) may not want some of the changes, like battle scarred Link for example. I'm excited to see where this goes! Good luck :)

    PS/ The instrument should be an accordion!
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  • saltso avatar
    saltso Joined 11y ago
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    access_time 6d
    This looks very interesting, i wish you good luck and please don't give up in the middle or before the end of the process, many gave up and left their mods unfinished.
    URL to post:
  • Ridly avatar
    Ridly Joined 10mo ago
    130 points Ranked 63067th
    access_time 7d
    would this be compatible with the linkle mod? idk about the zelda one i have not touched it.
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  • xForge avatar
    xForge Joined 1y ago
    320 points Ranked 49890th
    access_time 7d
    so is this like the unofficial skyrim patch but in Botw
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    "Darkside Class"
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  • TwistyFate avatar
    TwistyFate Joined 1y ago
    598 points Ranked 43873rd
    access_time 7d
    Can you try to make this compatible with 'Hyrule Rebalance'? I feel the mods will compliment each other greatly. 
    URL to post:
  • Silentverge avatar
    Silentverge Joined 6mo ago
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    access_time 7d
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    Project Hyrule Team avatar
    Project Hyrule Team
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  • JJtheGamerGuy avatar
    JJtheGamerGuy Joined 3mo ago
    114 points Ranked 65126th
    access_time 7d edit 7d
    Godspeed, my friend.
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