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Breath of the Wild: Second Wind - A Project for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)


Version 1.9.8a 3mo
  • BugFix Fixed LOD issue with Zora’s Domain
  • Addition Added placeholder compendium images for new items
  • Removal Removal of unnecessary development files
  • Tweak Tweaked GameData/SaveData entries
  • Optimization Sheikah Blacksmith Area Adjustments
Version 1.9.8 3mo BugFix9 Removal4 Improvement2 Adjustment4 Addition27 Optimization Overhaul4 Tweak3 Version 1.9.7a 4mo Removal3 BugFix3 Addition Version 1.9.7 5mo Refactor BugFix5 Overhaul2 Adjustment4 Optimization Addition15 Tweak2 Version 1.9.6b 7mo Removal Adjustment BugFix2 Refactor Improvement2 Addition

1. Introduction

Second Wind is a large-scale expansion for Breath of the Wild that aims to add new content to the game in a similar way to official DLCs. We've also decided to take things a step further by providing various overhauls, bug fixes, tweaks and new gameplay elements for players to explore.

We hope that many come to see Second Wind as part of the definitive experience while playing Breath of the Wild.

To report bugs, suggest new features or talk about development please join our server.

We're still looking for more mods and developers, especially those that are talented in creating models and textures. If interested, please reach out on Discord.

2. Breakdown of Second Wind

To see an updated breakdown of the Second Wind project please click here (wip).

Visit our Wiki:

3. Current Release

The current Beta is on version 1.9.8a (2021/03/30) which can be downloaded from our server.

4. Credits and Support

Collectively there are over 50 people that are contributing to this project in one way or another, in the official release all people will be listed.


None found


None found


Translation 1% Port to Switch 1% Ongoing development of project 60%
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    Hello there! 

    I've been playing your Second Wind mod lately.

    I don't know if it's really like that, but from the way the "new" shrines are built, I understand that you design them to not allow windbomb skips etc... Shield Clipping is unavoidable, but the feeling I get is that you try to prevent any "unintended" way to overcome them. Which I think is a great idea, since practically any shrine could be skipped with windbomb.

    Regarding this, I have to say that, except for shield clipping, there are several SW shrines that are easily skippable. I have recorded them and I have them stored, because I wanted to contact you to, if you think it's convenient, show you those skips, in case you want to fix them. I can help on spanish translation too when its needed.

    Thank you very much for your attention, sorry for the inconvenience.

    May ur heart be ur guiding key
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  • Very, very excited.

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  • capetaa21 avatar
    capetaa21 Joined 12d ago
    please, whoever had the idea to turn this mod into a python project, should be kicked out from their fucking college.

    it is already a pain in the anus to install a running botw on cemu and you come with a whole assignment for a game mod.

    fuck you
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  • Cant acces the Discord server or invite and really want this mod? anybody know why?
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  • Ghost1854045 avatar
    Ghost1854045 Joined 2mo ago
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    I would like to know if anyone else is getting Glitched Blood Moons whenever  the Models of the Gossip Stones get loaded..
    At first I thought it was the mods I created, but then I realized that its the sheiks stones From SW.
    At the Rito Village there's a sheik stone underneath the Town Shrine, every time I teleport there I get a blood moon.
    other places I found this was, Temple of time, Kakariko Village,  Outside Ancient Oven and Goron City.

    I tried getting them deleted with no luck. the models and actor are easy to find, but the event association its way to complicated for me wen it comes to know what can be deleted or not.. there's way to many text related stuff.
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  • Hi guys, loving the mod so far. I've however encountered what might be a bug or I'm blind: The Ya Naga Shrine in the Lake Region does not seem completeable. There is now a door blocking access to the "cannon" that launches the block enabling you to get to the upper part of the shrine, and I have not found any mechanism that opens it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  • Redhead4714 avatar
    Redhead4714 Joined 2mo ago
    What will the port for switch be. Will it be uploaded to the eshop or is it going to be through an emulator of some sort.
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  • fat2d2 avatar
    fat2d2 Joined 2mo ago
    I have installed v1.9.8a with bcml and everything seemed to go normally. I can see the mod in the list in bcml but when I load the game I don't get the second wind title screen, any help?

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  • TheDerpyDolphin avatar
    TheDerpyDolphin Joined 1y ago
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    Wow this looks amazing. I just figured out how to put BOTW mods on my Wii U using FTPiiU recently so I'll definitely give this a try once it gets completed, or before BOTW 2 come out on Switch (whichever comes first). Keep up the good work
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  • basti388 avatar
    basti388 Joined 2mo ago

    I can do the german translation if needed. 

    Bless you and your work!
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