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UTOPIA AT STAKE - a Half-Life total conversion

Will you save it? 

There's a world out there. A world where everything is so, so good. You move because of education, a future that's brighter than here than on Earth, and for the fun of it. 

Things will look perfect, until a series of events lead to the downfall... Your world's fate is up to you.


A portal to a parallel universe, or perhaps a point outside of our observable universe, gets accidentally discovered in 1984. It would teleport anything, right at the surface of a planet. After the first few expeditions, some of the members discover a terminal near a hill. They discover that it can clone any object and material, into any shape that the terminal knows how to replicate. "Teaching" the machine simply involved dropping a sample object into its container. 

After many technical advancements, this universe eventually became another home for us. Its planet, U2-A (Universe 2 - planet A), was very habitable and Earth-like. It opened its gates publicly in 2016, but with early beta tests going back as far as 2013.

In 1992, a rich guy was tired of his look. He got together with his friends from college, hired some researchers, some workers and they worked on a project which would lead to a new race being virtually invented. They went public in 2008, with an opening ceremony. They called the company NeoFur Laboratories.

One morning in July 2017, our protagonist wakes up. After a weird dream, he wakes up, and realises that it's the day he'd go to Universe 2. Life in Bosnia isn't really for him. There's no hope for the country. He had convinced his parents for years that he'd be able to find his way in that new, perfect place.

So there he went. His old friend came to pick him up, they drove to Sarajevo. From there, they went to Norway a long way, and eventually, our protagonist continued alone, to the Arctic, until he found a group of people who were also going on the trip.


  • This mod will have vehicles. Nothing like CS's func_vehicle. Much better than that. Much more flexible, and fun. :)
  • There will be characters that some players will love. Some players may hate some characters. You'll meet each of these characters through missions, dialogues, and some cutscenes. You'll get to know their stories, and what happens with them as the mod goes on. 
  • Mission-based overworld gameplay. For each area, you have a single big map, acting like a hub of the area you're currently in. You can go to certain characters and places to start missions. Each mission will take you to a new place. It's sort of like GTA. Once all mandatory missions are completed in one area, an 'ultimate' mission will take you to another area.
  • Multiple choices, multiple endings. Save the characters you feel need to be saved, kill the ones you don't like. Careful, though. The protagonist's feelings can vary, depending on your choices.
  • Parkour. 'Nuff said.
  • Fun multiplayer gamemodes, including a co-op mode with special missions.
  • Minigames! Some areas may have a gaming arena, so you may go there and play some games. :)
  • Customisable HUD colours, customisable view bobbing and swaying, you get the point. You personalise your experience as you wish. It's optional though.
  • FMOD sound system. Allows for higher-quality sounds, music and even MIDI music. :D
  • Physics! Damn right, son, you'll flip that barrel and it'll behave just like you'd expect! Bullet the physics engine is currently being integrated. Don't expect anything too special, though. This feature will be used very sparingly - GoldSrc is an engine from 1998 after all.

Release date

Never... ask me that. ;)
If you wanna get it done quicker, join my team. It's currently 2 of us.

Work is already being done. I am laying down the technical foundation for the mod, which I'll release separately for modders who want to use the same tech, under the name Advanced Development Mod, ADM for short. I already got some things laid out, such as physics, vehicles and stuff. The plan is to finish most of the code, so it can support the assets later on. Once it's done, we'll focus on the assets themselves. And that, is where the fun starts. :)

Speaking of ADM, that is the tech behind this thing, here's a little bit of it:

Physics demo

Just don't get too excited for this thing. I'll remain quiet, and so will you. This will get loud when it's close to being completed. :D


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