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MMOD: Tactical [April Update]

A Project for Half-Life 2

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If after a long time here is an update...

This project will be delayed more than I thought.

After 1 month since the announcement of the mod, I have been busy making more optional weapons for the mod, weapons that I'm sure you'll love.

I've also been working on sound, scripts and npcs.

But unfortunately, not everything is good...

I didn't want to reveal much about my life in this but I have to do it so that you understand why the mod was delayed further.

I live in Venezuela (that explains a lot) a few weeks ago, there was a national mega blackout, in the whole country there was absolutely no light, lasted 5 days without light, when he left, he was working on a weapon. That's not all, after that there were 5 more mega blackouts that lasted up to 2 days ... and besides, every day the light goes out, the worst thing of all, is that the damned government put a schedule for the light to go at that time, however that schedule is not respected, and the light goes randomly every day from 3 to 4 hours, this is hell for me, so much so that I'm already starting to move to go to another country with my family in Europe.

This is the reason why the mod will be delayed, the blackouts prevent me from continuing with many things that I would have already finished, if not for these blackouts ...

However, I managed to work with several weapons and other things, which I will show below:

Gol Magnum.



SPEAR .308

Tau Cannon

Eagle Desert

Future plans:

the part of the weapons, is almost ready, only missing the grenade, the RPG, the Crowbar and the Gluon Gun.

among other things, I had to remove the chapters of Episodes 1 and 2, because these caused errors in the campaign of Half-Life 2.

I plan to upload a gameplay when I can, not too soon, but at some point.

With respect to the models, I'm thinking what Citizens to do, and the idea that has occurred to me, is to put them a new dress, more casual but with this clear that they are prisoners, this with the idea of making the rebels have a more tactical casual look, something like the look that has Jaguer, IQ, Blitz and Bandit of Rainbow Six Siege, they have casual clothes but they wear vests and protectors, I don't know about you, but for me that idea gives as more immersion to the mod, more realistic and tactical rebels at the same time, I don't know when I can start working with them, but I hope soon, the problem... It is the light, but I will do it anyway, keeping to every second.

Among other ideas, I plan to change some models of the maps, among them the vehicles, for others more modern, the APC of combine them, for a tank or APC identical to the Beta of HL2.

With the secondary characters also have plans, such as Alyx I want to put some tactical suit casual type, nothing sexy, I want this mod to be realistic, not sexist, I'm not against it but things must fit together to look good, and a girl in a bikini with just a vest that covers the bubbies is not something tactical or realistic, I'm already deviating from the subject.

The point is that I will work with almost all models of characters in the game, so this will take longer, I do not give specific date of when this mod, before I said that within 2 months, but after all this, the blackouts, but I'm trying to leave the country this year ... delay and complicate things, but do not worry, the mod will leave.

This is all I wanted to tell you, I hope you will be patient to expect this, I always accept help, as long as it is a good help and not someone who claims to know but does nothing.

Greetings and happy day, see you!


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    Hi, I have an idea, but I don't know how much you're interested. In General, is it possible to add another weapon? This will be StG 44 or MP-40, or rather a tactical option. For example: collimator, perhaps laser sight, handle for accurate shooting, perhaps a silencer. Also on the model can be applied a variety of engraving. For example: print on the weapon that it belongs to the Department of civil protection of city 17 or something in this spirit. As a basis of the model you can take a model for SMOD here is a link to it: this is a very strange idea, but I decided to voice it.
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    Hope it'll have a similar style of realistic ragdoll physics as SMOD Tactical, or, at least semi-realistic, as in if you want to blow someone away at all you'd have to shoot them pointblank with a shotgun, yet a grenade won't send them launching, in real life people usually kind of go limp when they get shot enough, or fall over if it's in the legs, if they're killed instantly they might fall down like a tonne of bricks, though considering the fact that this is Half-Life 2 I can see weapons using Combine ammunition might send people flying down to the ground like they're toys, it'd be fitting for the Combine to have that kind of power.
    >tfw dead gf
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    Using the BM Tau model looks great. Is there the chance of it being released as its own MMod mod?
    Some idiot on the Internet.
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    looks good!
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    Maybe you should make Episode 1&2 and Lost Coast separate like in vanilla MMOD
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