CS:GO Mods for Feb/March 2k19

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An upcoming list of [CS:GO Mods] to be released by TheZombieDon in Feb/Mar 2k19!

This is a list of mods for this month that I'll be making for this month (February) and next month (March)

The list of mod packs to be released are the following (in order):
- "Sand" Themed Loadout (Yes, expect a bunch of Sand Dunes in this pack)
- "Night / Lunar" Themed Loadout (Dark skins, nothing "default" (The default 'black' skins from CS:GO)
- "Mythical" Themed Loadout (Weapons such as the AWP | Medusa and the Sport Gloves | Pandora's Box gloves)
- "Budget" Themed Loadout (Cheap Skins on default gloves, such as the CT gloves or the T gloves OR on the cheapest gloves)
"Galaxy" Themed Loadout (Not all CS:GO skins have this sort of theme to it, might struggle making this)
- "Gold" Themed Loadout (Not actual gold skins, but skins such as the Lore collection, and the Sport Gloves | Arid gloves)

Taking a small break from creating mods. Enjoy the releases so far! :)

I'll be adding clickable links to the submission pages once they're up.

MODS (Click on the image to access them):

Notice: All of mods might not be finished within the assumed time period of the completion for the mods.
More info will be released in the future...


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