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CHAO5: The Unbalance Mod Returns!

A Project for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Development has begun! 9mo
  • Addition Now that ACMD moveset editing is around 80% stable, most moves on characters can be edited. The only problem is that throws, articles/projectiles and final smashes can't be edited yet.
CH4OS is Coming to Smash Ultimate?
Yes, I have been planning this for sometime and I can confirm that CH4OS or rather CHAO5 will be a thing in the "not too distant" future. All you gotta do now is sit tight!

What exactly is CHAO5?
CHAO5 aims to be an extremely overpowered, ridiculous, insane, unfair and un-balanced mod for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Alas, it is a direct sequel to CH4OS: Forever Unbalanced (formerly CH4OS LEG4CY, created by myself) and is continually inspired by CH4OS: The UN-Balance Mod (originally created by Bagelboyy) which were modpacks for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. 

But Ultimate Modding isn't really a thing yet!

I do completely understand and visualise that Smash Ultimate Modding isn't nearly on par as of yet, but for one, I follow the Smash Ultimate Modding discord server to keep up-to-date and two, I have my development team looking ahead and are apart of the early planning stages. Of course, actual development won't start until Smash Ultimate modding becomes more official, flexible and fleshed out. Not to mention that we would rather wait for being able to load mods on the Switch easily and risk free in future.

Will it be any different from CH4OS?
Although CHAO5 plans to retain many key elements and features from its predecessor, CHAO5 will certainly implement new features and take advantage of what Ultimate's engine has to offer. Newcomers will of course be receiving as many buffs as the veterans so there's that too.

How broken can we expect CHAO5 to be?
For starters, it's an UN-BALANCE mod so there will be no such thing as balance or "fair tournament play". It's brokenness will be equal to, if not, just a notch higher than its predecessor (especially if you thought CH4OS was bonkers enough). While playing anything can happen and will surprise you!

Although I am enthusiastic about this mod and beginning early planning, I am not trying to be overly ambitious since Smash Ultimate modding is fairly recent (and only possible for tech/dev savvy people) nor am I trying to build up too much hype. AnimCMD Moveset editing is possible but very unstable. However, CHAO5 will be a thing in the future, and we are still figuring the kinks out.


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