MIDI collection - Touhou Project (FG. & RG.)

A Project for GameBanana

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1. Fan Games

1.1. Touhou: Book of Star Mythology

Hate Not the Wind, Spring Blossoms ~ Eternal Wind (ShinkoNetCavy)
Great Magic of the Power of Words ~ Starry Wisdom (ShinkoNetCavy)

1.2. Touhou Doumeiju ~ Mystical Power Plant

The Call of the Nephilim (yoshimo)

2. Related Games

2.1. Seihou Project - Shuusou Gyoku

Antique Terror (ZUN)
Dichromatic Lotus Butterfly ~ Ancients (ZUN) (unknown)
Disastrous Gemini (ZUN)
Dream Machine ~ Innocent Power (ZUN)
False Strawberry (ZUN)
Firmament Army (ZUN)
Girl's Divinity ~ Pandora's Box (ZUN)
Herselves (ZUN)
Illusion of Flowers, Air of Scarlet Dream (ZUN)
Illusionary Girl from Canaveral (ZUN)
Illusionary Sputnik Night (ZUN)
Illusory Imperial Capital (ZUN)
Illusory Science ~ Doll's Phantom (ZUN)
Magical Girl's Crusade (ZUN)
Mechanical Circus ~ Reverie (ZUN)
Primrose Shiver (ZUN)
Shuusou Gyoku ~ Clockworks (ZUN)
Silk Road Alice (ZUN)
The Witches' Ball ~ Magus (ZUN) (unknown)

2.2. Torte Le Magic

Witch of Love Potion (ZUN) (???)
Magical and Hopeless (ZUN)
Sacred Battle (ZUN)

2.3. Uwabami Breakers

A Drunkard's Lemuria (takashi) (ryoya1295)

2.4. Other/Misc

Pause Jingle (Wobuffet3)
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