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MIDI collection - Touhou Project (fighting games)

A Project for GameBanana

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1. 7.5 - Immaterial and Missing Power

Memory of Forgathering Dream (adazakura - GS)
Love-coloured Magic (adazakura - GS) (adazakura - SD) (adazakura - XG)
The Maid and the Pocket Watch of Blood (adazakura - GS) (adazakura - XG)
The Maid and the Pocket Watch of Blood (2nd Card Arrangement) (adazakura - GS) (adazakura - XG)
Maiden's Capriccio (Shirai Yuki) (adazakura - GS) (adazakura - XG)
Silence (TheDUBSpeedArts) (Kitaichi Rei)
Lunar Clock ~ Luna Dial (adazakura - GS) (adazakura - SD) (adazakura - XG)
Doll Judgment (Shirai Yuki) (adazakura - GS) (adazakura - XG)
Mystic Oriental Dream ~ Ancient Temple (adazakura - GS) (adazakura - XG)
Broken Moon (unknown) (Shirai Yuki)
Oni's Island in the Fairyland ~ Missing Power (ryoya1295) (Hisaraito) (Piano Only) (adazakura - GS) (adazakura - XG)
Demystify Feast (shiratoriha) (Shirai Yuki - GM) (Shirai Yuki - XG)
Dance of Witches (unknown)
Swift Battle (ALiCE)
Skygazer (Kitaichi Rei)
Solitary Place (Kitaichi Rei)
Unexpected Visitor (Kitaichi Rei)
Night Falls ~ Evening Star (Baka94) (unknown)
Memory of Forgathering Oriental Dream (Shirai Yuki - GM)  (Shirai Yuki - XG) (unknown)

2. 10.5 - Scarlet Weather Rhapsody

Sky of Scarlet Perception (Shirai Yuki - GM)  (Shirai Yuki - XG) (adazakura - GS) (adazakura - XG)
Usual Days (not available)
The Ground is Yellow (ALiCE)
Argue for and Against (sm21854905)
Beautiful Nature Sight (not available)
Fragrant Plants (Komoko & Uni Akiyama)
Dancing Water Spray (Yuki)
Swing a Fish to Drive Away Flies (not available)
Free and Easy (not available)
Ridiculous Game (Yuki)
Drunk as I Like (TheDUBSpeedArt) (Shirai Yuki)
Skies Beyond the Clouds (not available)
Crimson in the Black Sea ~ Legendary Fish (unknown)
Flawless Clothing of the Celestials (unknown 1) (unknown 2) (adazakura - GS) (adazakura - SD) (adazakura - XG)
Catastrophe in Bhava-agra ~ Wonderful Heaven (samidare) (icebhm23230 - GM) (icebhm23230 - XG) (Bell Solo Version)
Bhava-agra As Seen Through a Child's Mind  (pon-nu) (unknown)
Darkening Dusk (liisnoob)
Oriental Heaven of Scarlet Perception (Piano Only)
Mystic Oriental Love Consultation (adazakura - GS) (adazakura - fixed pitch bends)
Vessel of Stars ~ Casket of Star (liisnoob - XG) (Shirai Yuki) (adazakura - GS) (adazakura - XG)
Flowering Night (adazakura - GS) (adazakura - SD) (adazakura - XG)
The Doll Maker of Bucuresti (not available)
Hiroari Shoots a Strange Bird ~ Till When? (adazakura - GS) (adazakura - XG)
Locked Girl ~ The Girl's Secret Room (adazakura - GS) (adazakura - SD)
Bloom Nobly, Ink-Black Cherry Blossom ~ Border of Life (not available)
Septette for a Dead Princess (Ezequiel-TM) (Lisnoob - XG) (Shirai Yuki) (adazakura - GS) (adazakura - XG)
Night Falls ~ Evening Star (Shirai Yuki - GM) (Shirai Yuki - XG)
Broken Moon (ALiCE)
Lunatic Eyes ~ Invisible Full Moon (Baka94) (adazakura - GS) (adazakura - XG)
Wind God Girl (not available)
Higan Retour ~ Riverside View (Shirai Yuki - GM) (Shirai Yuki - XG) (adazakura - GS) (adazakura - XG)

3. 12.3 - Hisoutensoku/Unthinkable Natural Law

Did You See That Shadow? (AIiCE)
Memory of Forgathering Dream (adazakura - GS) (adazakura - XG)
Voile, the Magic Library (adazakura - GS) (adazakura - XG)
Shanghai Teahouse ~ Chinese Tea (adazakura - GS)
Dichromatic Lotus Butterfly ~ Ancients (Shirai Yuki) (adazakura - GS) (adazakura - SD) (adazakura - XG)
Faith is for the Transient People (adazakura - GS) (adazakura - XG)
Tomorrow Will Be Special; Yesterday Was Not (Shirai Yuki) (Yuki & TheDUBSpeedArts) (adazakura - GS) (adazakura - XG)
Love-coloured Magic (adazakura - GS) (adazakura - XG)
the Grimoire of Alice (adazakura - GS) (adazakura - SD) (Username)
Our Hisou Tensoku (icebhm23230 - XG) (unknown)
Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion (adazakura - GS) (adazakura - SD) (adazakura - XG)
Unknown X ~ Unfound Adventure (shiratoriha) (sweetmusic)
The Eternal Steam Engine (unknown) (rongns_2)
Mystic Oriental Love Consultation ~ Musou Tensei (adazakura - GS) (adazakura - XG)

4. 13.5 - Hopeless Masquerade

This Dull World's Unchanging Pessimism (unknown)
Shinkirou Orchestra (unknown)
This Dull World's Unchanging Pessimism + Shinkirou Orchestra (adazakura - XG)
A Popular Location (TheDUBSpeedArts)
Spring Lane ~ Colorful Path (HertzDevil)
Hartmann's Youkai Girl (Shirai Yuki - GM) (Shirai Yuki - XG)
Shoutoku Legend ~ True Administrator (Shirai Yuki - GM) (Shirai Yuki - XG)
An Unused Location (TheDUBSpeedArts) (Kitaichi Rei)
The Lost Emotion (Hisaraito)

5. 14.5 - Urban Legend in Limbo

Outside World Folklore (Kitaichi Rei)
Last Occultism ~ Esotericist of the Present World (PerlDrop) (unknown) (Kitaichi Rei)

6. 15.5 - Antinomy of Common Flowers

The Yorimashi Sits Between Dream and Reality ~ Necro-Fantasia (Unknown)
Tonight Stars an Easygoing Egoist (Live ver.) ~ Egoistic Flowers (ryoya1295) (ShinkoNetCavy)(Hisaraito)


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