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1. 13 - Ten Desires

Spirit of Avarice (not available)
Night Sakura of Dead Spirits (unknown)
ghost lead (Amiya - GM) (Amiya - GS) (unknown)
Welcome to Youkai Temple (not available)
Youkai Girl at the Gate (not available)
Let's Live in a Lovely Cemetery (unknown)
Rigid Paradise (not available)
Desire Drive (pieordie1)
Old Yuanxian (icebhm23230) (yuki)
The Dream Palace Great Mausoleum (not available)
Legend of the Great Gods (icebhm23230)
A Small Desire's Starry Sky (icebhm23230)
Shoutoku Legend ~ True Administrator (unknown)
Youkai Back Shrine Road (not available)
Futatsuiwa from Sado (unknown) (Shirai Yuki) (Piano Only)
A New Wind at the Shrine (not available)
Desire Dream (not available)

2. 14 - Double Dealing Character

Mysterious Purification Rod (nitayahisa) (unknown)
Mist Lake (unknown) (unknown 2)
Mermaid from the Uncharted Land (not available)
Humans and Youkai Traversing the Canal (not available)
Dullahan Under the Willows (unknown)
Bamboo Forest of the Full Moon (unknown)
Lonesome Werewolf (Baka94) (unknown)
Magical Storm (pieordie1)
Illusionary Joururi (pieordie1)
The Shining Needle Castle Sinking In the Air (Wobuffeet3) (Infernis) (HertzDevil)
Reverse Ideology (unknown)
The Exaggerated Castle Keep (not available)
Kobito of the Shining Needle ~ Little Princess (unknown) (ryoya1295) (Hasaraito)
Thunderclouds of Magical Power (pieordie1)
Primordial Beat ~ Pristine Beat (not available)
Magical Power of the Mallet (not available)
Mysterious, Mysterious Tools (not available)
Player's Score (not available)

3. 15 - legacy of lunatic kingdom

That Unforgettable Greenery of Connection (pieordie1)
The Rabbit Has Landed (thejunkjard)
September Pumpkin (ryoya1295)
The Mysterious Shrine Maiden Flying Through Space (pieordie1)
Frozen Capital of Eternity (pieordie1)
Eternal Spring Dream (ryoya1295)
Faraway Voyage of 380,000 Kilometers (pieordie1) (ryoya1295) (Hasaraito)
The Sea Where One's Home Planet Reflects (ryoya1295)
Pure Furies ~ Whereabouts of the Heart (Loren chan) (Hasaraito)
A World of Nightmares Never Seen Before (ryoya1295)
The Moon as Seen from the Shrine (TheDUBSpeedArts)

4. 16 - Hidden Star In Four Seasons

A Star of Hope Rises in the Blue Sky (Karamitasu) (ryoya1295) (Hasaraito)
A Midsummer Fairy's Dream (ryoya1295)
The Colorless Wind on Youkai Mountain (ryoya1295)
Encounter in the Mountains (ryoya1295)
Swim In a Sakura-Colored Sea (ShinkoNetCavy) (ryoya1295)
A Pair of Divine Beasts (ShinkoNetCavy) (ryoya1295) (Kitaichi Rei) (Hasaraito)
Illusionary White Traveler (Karamitasu) (ryoya1295) (Hasaraito)
The Magic Straw-Hat Jizo (ryoya1295
Does the Forbidden Door Lead to This World, or the World Beyond? (ryoya1295)
Crazy Backup Dancers (ryoya1295)
Into Backdoor (Karamitasu) (ryoya1295)
The Concealed Four Seasons (ShinkoNetCavy) (ryoya1295)
No More Going Through Doors (Karamitasu) (ryoya1295)
Secret God Matara ~ Hidden Star in All Seasons (Karamitasu) (ryoya1295) (Hasaraito)

5. Touhou 17 - Wily Beast and Weakest Creature

Lament that only Jizo knows (ryoya1295)


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