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  • Addition He's a lumberjack and he's okay, he skulks all night and he murders all day
Forgive me, TWI 3mo
  • Addition My first post since getting my new graphics card, ironic since it wound up getting chromakeyed anyway.
Coming back with this (maybe) 3mo
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Merely and art gallery, that is if you can call it art.

Getting myself more organized I figure it would be interesting to deviate from my normal SFM shenanigans to focus on more traditional TF2 fanart or something. Someone told me it would be good for me to "return to the roots" so that's what I'm doing. 

Earlier I made a project focused on bringing a flood of Half Life 1 references to TF2, when I quickly realized I pretty much used all I could find in one picture, negating the need to continue; I have decided to put a cork in that project to make a new project with nothing but my SFM work in general. While I have made hundreds of other work which I post elsewhere, I've only recently come to focusing on Team Fortress 2 rather than all the custom model imports (over 36 GB worth) I use. With 4000 hours of self-taught experience, I should hope to know a thing or two.

While that does not fit the criteria of modding per say I find it an interesting way to show off community-made assets, which make up a large portion of my work.
A note: my system can barely run SFM, I pretty much use and abuse my PC when I run this software; I get warning messages saying my graphics card does not meet the requirements. It runs, so I use it the best I can. My main drawbacks of course are lighting and shadows. 

I am not for hire. 


DeviantArt has proven to be a terrible place to post these works as the community there is very... how should I say, inconsiderate? Its a long story. I'd rather post where they can be viewed and enjoyed. And I'd rather not draw attention to my steam profile by posting them to the Steam Art Gallery necessarily. That said I would much rather keep images maintained on this site; do not repost elsewhere please or otherwise use without my permission or knowledge.

If there is a better section to do something like this please inform me. I'm divided between a WiP and the Projects section. Projects sounded more professional.

All content is used on an assumed creative commons license, I have little to do with the creation of the materials used in these works -- modified to fit my needs may they be, I have never made a penny from my works. I just make the posters.


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    Good work, but I would turn on lighting
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    I was gonna ask why you seem to fully abstain from DoF but I'll guess that ties back to the hardware limitations and/or rendering time

    Have you considered tumblr? I used to use it a couple years ago pretty much exclusively to follow a handful of artists.
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  • I learned rather quickly most the Deviant art Gmod communities only liked low quality meme pics and had some awful favoritism around certain furry content.
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    I like these, they look very cool. If it had a bit more refined lighting, these would look amazing, but as you said, your system doesn't let you do that, so it's alright. By the way, you sound very corporate saying all of that license and stuff haha.
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