A Project for Super Smash Bros. (WiiU)


  • Overhaul The jump to the Switch

Additional Notes
Porting 4mo
  • Adjustment Changed attributes and moves of characters. Still a LOT more to go,

Additional Notes
Another update 4mo

Planned invitational to be held upon this mod's release.

Welcome to SMASH-FEST! This Smash Wii U mod is a huge project currently underway. Currently made by me and my partner, it's ultimate goal is to recreate the E3 Build of SSB4, and have new additions along the way. It will also being back unused stages from other games, such as the Beta version of Great Bay, with a walk-through lab. 

The "SMASH-FEST" name is based upon the Best Buy Smash-Fests held before Smash 4 officially released.

  • Sleeker HUD design - reminiscent of the E3 2013 design.
  • Universal wall jump.
  • Some characters are less expressive, most notably Rockman. But he does actually blink now.
  • Stock icons are located to the bottom-right of the damage meter.
  • Star and Screen KOs available on every stage and are more common. The Screen KO in particular, has been given even more variety as well. Both KOs length are altered too.
  • Many attacks and Final Smashes deal more damage and knockback than in the final version of Smash 4 - In contrast, blast lines of stages have been pushed further, allowing characters to survive to 200%.
  • Every existing character altered.  From attribute changes to entire moveset changes. Examples include Pac-Man getting an extra green trampoline in Pac-Jump to Toon Link using elemental arrows. No clones exist in this.
  • Stages from past Smash games - and Smash 3DS as well. Even bonuses like Metal Cavern.
  • Completely new stages, such as Mount Wario from Mario Kart 8, Super Mario Land and a new Kirby and the Amazing Mirror stage.
  • More music, including ones that were not in Smash 4, such as Humoresque of a Little Dog.
  • New modes such as The Final Battle (taken directly and edited from Smash Tour), and Smash Run will eventually be ported over.
  • And of course, new characters to be added. Both veterans and newcomers!
  • Plus much more.
This project will take time, but I'm sure it's going to be awesome.

If anyone wants to help me with this, tell me in the comments, or PM me or add me on Discord at Area 51?(Crash Bandicoot Warped)#4872, just tell me whenever.


Figure out how to edit the Screen KO so it use a better wind effect and is faster.


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  • now everyone can forget about this project or well take it as cancelled also that well. dead or not longer friends with the guy Screen KO
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    "Porting" the project to Switch? When this project is explicitly a "restoration/remake" of the E3 version of Smash 4 , you're going to release it as a mod for the sequel game? Color me confused. 

    I do hope you get something released beforehand because I'd like to tool around with it on the Wii U, still, but it's your project. 
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    That Halberd crashing is because of improper packing on Sm4shExplorer's part iirc. Latest (unofficial) update fixes that, but if you don't want to update there's a tutorial here that should work.
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    I am so hoping sans will be in this, and have his own moveset, after all, UT Is coming to switch, so if sans doesn't get in that one, this is the best chance we have. 
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    Sounds nice, can't wait until it's finished...
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    Dont forget to bring back the place holder brawl csps seen in the smash direct for diddy
  • well so for people thinking of who the partner of Screen KO is well i am that partner helping in the project if you ask and yeah i will try to get the old, missing stuff and some more content to make this project of smash 4 a great project 
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    7mo 7mo
    YUS! I can't wait!

    *sees Smash Run* Wow! this is a bit ambitious!
    I'm a strange man...
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    holy  crap this is gonna be the greatest mod ever! im so hyped im not to tech savy i want to help but i probably wouldnt be able to offer much

    however i do wanna say good luck and ill 100% share this post with friends and people who might be able to help alot more than i can

    if you need costumes and good music check out the US4MP  its a mod pack for costumes and other stuff,, you could probably use some of it to get a good footing 
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    7mo In this trailer, you can see Sonic is just Brawl Sonic, but with a different model. I’ll be interested to see you try that.


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Screen KO
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