Detroit neighborhood map

A Project for Counter-Strike 1.6


  • Addition Hello, after days without any update infor here, I've got news.The cop station (who replaced hospital) is near to be finished; now im adding little details.Meanwhile Im making police station I added payphones at entry of building and adding new a basketball hood field and a little apartament building.When I finish cop station and that new "buildings" ill post screenshots.While to wait :v
Dev Info 1y
  • Removal I think a hospital in a "little neighborhood" is not necessary, the hospital place will be replaced by cop station.
Important update (Desing plan change) 1y

The map will take action in a neighborhood from Detroit, I don't know how name it yet (at moment I named it as that city name).

Will have an abandoned and marginal ambience...
The map will have two gun shops(enterable) , some houses (some of then half enterable) and a police station (enterable).

The sketch ill not show you it because can hurt your eyes because is badly draw (but in my head I have the idea I want)

At moment im making .wads (one of the cars, who need some corrections) and another .wad of map itself.

 2 News!

The .WAD file is near to be finished!, I must only add a billiard table.
The last new is there will be a strip club! (Don't worry there not all have any nude that break GB rules ;)
I censored on screenshot that two words because are "swear words"

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