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I finished the body design a few days ago, but couldn't settle on a head design. The brainstorming page was the result. It was a little difficult to find something that would fit in with the rest of the suit/theme. While I did like a few of the designs, none of them really felt special, as the one so liked were mostly inspired by other games (Ex: Genji, Halo Spartan/Soldier Helmets)

Heavy Concept 1y
  • Tweak While the pose is cool, the initial concept had parts twisted out of view
Updated Scout Concept 1y
This is a project I will be working on in my freetime, for the Sci-fi Contest being held

Project: Fortress is an ambitious set of skins set on replacing each class with new Models, Animations*, and Voice Effects. Everything will be either pulled from TF2's files or made from scratch, using references where I can.

This is HEAVILY based off of League of Legend's skin series known as PROJECT, which is an alternate universe set in the future.

Each of the class will pull inspiration from the following skins:
Scout: Ekko
Soldier: Yi?
Pyro: Zed?
Demoman: None
Heavy: Leona/Vi
Engineer: None
Medic: None
Sniper: Ashe/Lucian
Spy: Jhin

I plan to make short bios for each class regarding the theme, and perhaps I might make short stories that adds at least one interaction with another Class.

Note: Don't expect this to ever get finished. You all know my habits.

*Examples of new animations would be a custom visor for Spy, instead of his regular disguise kit.


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